Army Public School attack: Saima Zareen - Age 39

W/o Tariq Saeed, D/o Anwar JamalSiblings: Daughter (Named not be published) age 20 years, Daughter (Name not to be...
Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:07pm

W/o Tariq Saeed, D/o Anwar Jamal

Family: Two daughters 20 and 13 years old, son Babar Saeed (17)

Mrs. Saima Zareen had been teaching English at the APS for 17 years. She had completed her M.Phil in Education and was pursuing a Ph.D in Education. She was the mother of two girls aged 20 and 13.

She was an outstanding wife, a wonderful mother and a responsible teacher. Her students describe her as soft spoken and mild, while enforcing discipline at the same time.

The day of the attack, Saima rushed into the auditorium to save injured students. As she made her way in and out of the room, she was apprehended by one attacker. She was shot dead and her body set on fire.

She loved to teach and learn. She would return from school every day at 3pm, eat her lunch and head to her university to study till 7pm. She would then come home and prepare dinner for the family.

She enjoyed reading books and had a passion for photography. Her mobile phone is full of all the photos she so carefully taken.

Her husband vows to continue her dream, to teach and to learn. He misses her terribly.

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