Army Public School attack: Muhammad Sahiban Durrani — Age: 17

Son of Zabith Khan & ShabnamSiblings: Roman Khan Durrani (19), Seema (17), Saba Durrani (15), Sana Durrani (13),...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Zabith Khan & Shabnam

Siblings: Roman Khan Durrani (19), Seema (17), Saba Durrani (15), Sana Durrani (13), Huma Durrani (11), Jibran Khan Durrani (8), Jasmin Durrani (8)

Brother of seven, Sahiban was of a serious disposition and would secure top of his class. He aspired to join the army as a commissioned officer and for that purpose concentrated on his studies. Sometimes, he would be up at 3:00am, going through his lessons and preparing for the coming day at school.

Close to his mother Shabnam, Sahiban would tell her how he would stand by her “in this world as well as the next”. He was also respectful towards other elders.

He enjoyed food and was particularly fond of taking fish in his meals. His father Zabith recalls how Sahiban would ask him to get fish for dinner every couple of days.

Young Sahiban was also fond of playing cricket every evening after getting done with his school and homework. He also liked birds and kept a parrot at home which would keep him busy during free time.

His father who shivered as he narrated the stories about his son tells how Sahiban had a favourite spot under a tree near his house. He would sit there often and it was at that spot where he was laid to rest.

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