Army Public School attack: Mohammad Uzair Ali – Age: 14

Son of Gulab Perveen and Ahmad AliSiblings: Malaika Ali (11) and Mohammad Jalal Ibrahim ( 7.5)Mohammad Uzair Ali was...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Gulab Perveen and Ahmad Ali

Siblings: Malaika Ali (11) and Mohammad Jalal Ibrahim ( 7.5)

Mohammad Uzair Ali was a brave boy. His friends say on the day of the attack he first received one bullet and fell down on his friends, shielding them from harm. This is why, according to the medical officer, Uzair was hit with 13 bullets.

That day, he had been told off by his history teacher. In a light-hearted way, Uzair said to her, "Miss, today you did not wear make-up, that's why you are angry. Please, wear make-up! When you do, you are in a good mood."

He was very dear to his grandfather, Haji Ali Khan and both were like best friends. His mother says her son was a generous boy, and once gave Rs120 to a poor woman who was begging on the street for blood pressure medication.

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