Army Public School attack: Shahood Alam – Age: 14

Son of Mr and Mrs ZahoorSiblings: Aresha Alam (13)Shahood was an extraordinary student. With nearly 50 certificates...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Mr and Mrs Zahoor

Siblings: Aresha Alam (13)

Shahood was an extraordinary student. With nearly 50 certificates and awards to his credit, it is no surprise that the young boy was a prominent figure at school who not only was the proctor and 'peacekeeper' but also the stage secretary at every academic event.

His teachers remember him as the 'shining star' of the school.

He hoped to take his CSS exams and work in Pakistan's civil services. He loved to collect interesting objects, like a beautiful hand-made blanket gifted by his aunt that was made of 280 pieces of cloth. He also liked to collect wristwatches.

He used to love and had had a soft corners for the poor people especially the class-IV of his school, all the class-IV of his school are patients of his father - his father is a doctor- who are referred to him by the request of his shaheed's son.

He is the only student in the school whose photo and obituary was published in a Russian magazine, with condolences from the ambassador.

Shahood was also very responsible and had opened a bank account and got a passport made for himself. His parents, who keep his cheque books and passport with them, say he had saved thousands of rupees in his bank account.

His parents wander in and out of his room, touching his clothes and staring at his photographs. They cry for their only son, and pray for endurance.

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