Army Public School attack: Muhammad Abdullah Zafar — Age: 14

Updated Dec 15, 2015 09:36pm

Son of Mr and Mrs Muhammad Arshad Zafar

Siblings: Muhammad Obaid (12), Ali Musa (4)

Although a child, Abdullah could not really enjoy the carefree days of youth; his father died when he was just 12. He did not play pranks or act naughty like most other children his age, his mother says as she describes how he looked after the family. When everyone slept at night, Abdullah would wake up and make sure all the doors of the house were locked.

He was close to his mother and his love reflects in the drawings he made to thank her (picture attached). He was also respectful of other elders and would say salaam to them every time he came across one.

Aspiring to join the army, Abdullah was also a position holder and would always remain among the top five students in his class. Not only was he bright, he was also creative in his thinking and had made a mathematical formula for his studies (picture attached). But it wasn't just studies that kept him busy. Abdullah also used to play cricket with his brothers and was also very fond of playing computer games.

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