Army Public School attack: Fahad Hussain – Age: 14

Son of Akhtar and Sameena HussainSiblings: Ahmed Hussain (17), Uzair Hussain (16), Asim Hussain (9)Fahad was killed...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Akhtar and Sameena Hussain

Siblings: Ahmed Hussain (17), Uzair Hussain (16), Asim Hussain (9)

Fahad was killed the day of his birthday. The night before the attack, he had invited his friends and cousins to celebrate his birthday at home.

His friend Rehman decribes his fallen friend Fahad's bravery on the day of the attack. When militants entered the classroom and opened fire, Fahad opened the door and asked all his friends to run out. He stood at the door and made sure his classmates evacuated the room. It was then that he was hit on the head and leg. He called out to the others to tell his brother Ahmed, also a student at the school, to take him out. But it was too late.

Fahad's mother describes him as a simple and helpful child. He helped his mother with household chores and enjoyed cooking. He loved to eat qeema and took pride in cooking it all by himself.

He wanted to be an engineer when he grew up.

His mother weeps as she talks about her boy, and says she does not know how to go on with life.

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