Army Public School attack: Baqir Ali – Age: 14

Son of Rashid Ali Bangash and Shehla RashidSiblings: Alia Rashid (22), Humaira Rashid (22), Babar Ali Khan (19), ...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Rashid Ali Bangash and Shehla Rashid

Siblings: Alia Rashid (22), Humaira Rashid (22), Babar Ali Khan (19), Uzma Rashid (17)

Be it a Spelling Bee or excellence in Arts, Baqir was one extraordinary student. He was so fond of reading, that he would finish his work and read books from his older sister's school curriculum. He had a superb memory and wanted to put it to good use by studying medicine and becoming a doctor. He joined APS Toddlers in 2005.

Unlike other children his age, Baqir was a serious child. His father says he did not crack jokes and had a mature personality. He liked fast food but his favourite dish at home was sliced meat.

His siblings describe him as a child who was always curious about knowing more. He would love to learn new things and discuss them with his friends and family.

He was dear to his parents and siblings as he was the youngest in the family. He loved birds and kept several rock ptarmigan game birds at the house.

"We are missing your voice, your chuckle, your presence and all the fun we used to have," his sisters say. "It is very difficult to accept that you are no longer here with us."

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