Army Public School attack: Sher Shah - Age 16

Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:50pm

Son of Mohammad Sohail Khattak and Salma

Siblings: Ahmad Ali Shah (14), Ayesha Gulali (11)

Sher Shah loved to study Turkish and Islamic history and was a skilled member of the debating club. His favourite book was ‘Worlds Together, Worlds Apart’. While many children cannot read or write Pashto, Sher Shah excelled at it. He loved visisting museums and historical sites.

Although he was a student of science, he was not very fond of physics and chemistry. He wanted to be a journalist when he grew up, and imagined himself as an anchor on prime time television.

He was curious about horses, and read books that contained details of the taxonomy of horses. He could tell the classification of a horse buy its structure and physique.

While his mother tries to stay strong, his father cries for his eldest son every night, and asks why this cruelty took place.

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