Army Public School attack: Awais Nasir — Age: 14

Son of Jamal Abdul Nasir and Rozeena NasirSiblings: Hira Nasir (20), Sana Nasir (17), Haris (12) and Abdul Nasir...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Jamal Abdul Nasir and Rozeena Nasir

Siblings: Hira Nasir (20), Sana Nasir (17), Haris (12) and Abdul Nasir (11)

Awais was of a happy disposition. Although almost always in a jocular mood, he remained respectful of elders. He was also a responsible brother of four siblings — two older sisters and two younger brothers — and would never hit back when squabbles with his brothers would get a little out of hand.

Shaken by the death of his son, Jamal Abdul Nasir talks about how Awais loved dressing well. It was only three days before his son’s passing that Jamal had brought him three new suits from his trip to China. Those suits however could never be worn by young Awais.

Awais was very close to his mother. His epitaph says “da moor bachay” (Pashto for son of the mother). His mother talks about how Awais always wanted the family to buy or construct their own house. Incidentally, he went to see the plot of land the family had bought for that purpose a day before his passing. It was there that he asked his mother when the construction would begin, to which his mother said “after Ramazan”. Oddly enough, Awais at the time said he may not be alive by then.

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