Army Public School attack: Shah Fahad - Age 16

Son of Misal Khan and Shukria BibiSiblings: Faisal (20), Sidra Bibi (18), Bushra Bibi (17)Before he went to school...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Misal Khan and Shukria Bibi

Siblings: Faisal (20), Sidra Bibi (18), Bushra Bibi (17)

Before he went to school that day, Shah warned his sisters not to eat the sweets his uncle had gifted to him. He gave them stern looks war, telling them to stay away from his masaledar gurh. Alas, he did not come home to fight them.

Shah was very close to his sisters. He was naughty and thoroughly enjoyed teasing them but would diligently do his homework under their supervision.

He joined the APS four months prior to the attack. Before that, he studied at a school in Hayatabad and lived with his aunt. At that time, he used visit his parents every four months. But his parents wanted to see him every day, so he got admission to the army school in Peshawar.

They are totally shattered by his death. His father’s eyes are full of ears when he speaks about Shah, while the mother has not recovered from shock.

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