Army Public School attack: Abdullah Ghani Awan - Age 14

Updated Dec 15, 2015 09:03pm

Son of Lubna Tanveer and Tanveer Ahmed Awan

Siblings: Haroon Ghani Awan (19), Mohammad Tayyab Ghani Awan (11) , Dil Awan (10)

Abdullah loved to fly kites and was a lover of animals. He kept parrots, hens, rabbits and fish at home and had built four large cages to keep his pets. When the hens laid eggs, Abdullah eagerly waited to see them hatch so he could play with the chicks. After he passed away, a dozen chicks were born but Abdullah was not there to see them.

His father says he was close to Abdullah, and that he would seek his son’s opinion each time he dressed up to go out. He says he would only wear waistcoats when Abdullah approved the colour.

He recalls a time when the family was on holiday in the UAE, and he dared Abdullah to swim in a hotel pool that had strict rules regarding swimwear. He said Abdullah had a word with the lifeguard, and jumped right in fully clothed. He loved to take up a good challenge.

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