Army Public School attack: Tahira Qazi (APS principal) — Age 64

Daughter of Qazi Hayat Ullah KhanHusband Name: Lft Col® Qazi Zafar Ullah KhanChildren: Arifa Qazi (32 ), Imran ...
Published December 1, 2015

Daughter of Qazi Hayat Ullah Khan

Husband Name: Lft Col® Qazi Zafar Ullah Khan

Children: Arifa Qazi (32 ), Imran Ullah Qazi (30), Ahmed Ullah Qazi (24)

Tahira Qazi joined the Army Public School in 1995 as head of English Department and in 2006 she took charge as the principal of the school.

“She was not only a devoted teacher who cared deeply for her students but also a loving wife, mother and friend,” Tahira’s husband recalls.

“She dedicated 37 years to educating children and in the end laid down her life to the cause.”

She maintained a very sober exterior but was in fact a very soft-hearted person, her family says.

According to a student injured in the APS attack, Tahira’s last words were: “They are my children and I am their mother.”

The Conference Room of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly was renamed the Tahira Qazi Conference Room in the principal’s honour.

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