Army Public School attack: Rizwan Sareer — Age 13

Son of Nargis Begum and Lt. Col Sareer KhanSiblings: Nauman Sareer (19), Salman Sareer (18)Hailing from Charsadda,...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Nargis Begum and Lt. Col Sareer Khan

Siblings: Nauman Sareer (19), Salman Sareer (18)

Hailing from Charsadda, Rizwan was as big a fan of cricket as one could be. His brother, with whom he shared a room, said it was Rizwan’s favourite hobby and that they often played cricket in the bedroom. After his brother’s passing, he says he cannot bear to play again.

He was fond of eating, particularly fast food, and would often ask his brother to bring back a burger when he was out.

Rizwan’s father shares an anecdote of the time he was posted in Malir Cantt, Karachi. He said on his first day while Rizwan was playing in the garden he found Rs2,000 that may have been dropped by someone. He was only in the second grade at the time but he promptly went to the reception and handed the money over to the guard, telling him to give it to the owner if he came looking.

His parents say they feel their son’s loss deeply, but are proud of the life that he has lived.

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