Army Public School attack: Asad Aziz – Age 15

Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:21pm

Son of Dost Mohammad

Siblings: Tariq Aziz (31 years), Laiqat Aziz (29), Tahir Aziz (26), Rashid Aziz (24), Shahid Aziz (21 years), Asia Bibi (19 years).

In the summer of 2013, Asad and his family went out to spend the day by the river. The young boy had just come out of the water a long swim when his cousin Zeeshan was swept up by a current and began to drown. Without losing his calm, Asad jumped into the water and after a bit of a struggle managed to pull his cousin out alive.

He was a saviour.

Asad was the ‘brightest child’ in the family and also the most athletic. “He the apple of our eyes,” the family says.

Four days before the 15-year-old passed away in the attack, he had won a medal in table tennis.

He was adored by his elder brothers and grandparents and was particularly close to Tariq.

If he ever needed anything he would go to Tariq before going to his father and more often than not would get what he wanted.

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