Army Public School attack: Hassan Zeb - Age 16

Son of Aurangzeb and Nasira ZebSiblings: Zarak Ali (21), Hamza Ali (19), Moosa Zeb (13) Hassan Zeb was an ...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Aurangzeb and Nasira Zeb

Siblings: Zarak Ali (21), Hamza Ali (19), Moosa Zeb (13)

Hassan Zeb was an intelligent student with a good academic record. Close to his mother, Hassan would eat his meals at home. He particularly liked vegetables which not most children his age are known to enjoy but at the same time biryani was on the list of his favourite foods.

Hassan loved keeping pets and had three parrots at home which still live there.

A little chubby, his mother recalls how once at a school get together when children were asked to bring their grandparents, Hassan refused to go with his grandmother. He was afraid that those at the school may make fun of him and his grandmother for being a little overweight.

One of Hassan’s brothers, Hamza, who studies at APS, was with him at the time of the attack. Previously a chirpy, talkative child, Hamza has been terrified since the attack and prefers to keep quiet and to himself.

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