Army Public School attack: Abrar Hussain – Age 15

Son of Rajab Ali Rajab Ali and Roqqaya BibiSiblings: 29-year-old Muntazer Hussain, 25-year-old Arif Hussain,...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Rajab Ali Rajab Ali and Roqqaya Bibi

Siblings: 29-year-old Muntazer Hussain, 25-year-old Arif Hussain, 23-year-old Jamshed Ali, 18-year-old Sajda Hussain

Abrar Hussain was a non-fussy eater. Like most parents normally do, his never heard him complain about home cooked food.

With his nose buried in school textbooks, Abrar was not interested in extra curricular activities. However, highly competitive, Abrar who was a hostel student, had been holding the top position in class for nine executive years. Every time he returned home to his village for the holidays, he'd be found studying instead of mingling with friends. According to his father, he was always worried about coming second. If he wasn't studying, he'd be curled up in a quiet corner reading.

Abrar was extremely fond of animals, and he would often speak up against the trade of captured birds. His favorite subject was English. And so, whenever he returned home, he'd engage his siblings in English conversation. He carried on him an English joke book at all times.

His father fondly recalls how the school called them every year to show them Abrar’s academic achievements.

Abrar's personal belongings have been gathered and put aside; his mother can not bear to look at them.

With sorrowful eyes, his siblings said, "He was the youngest in us, our beloved Abrar."

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