The Facebook timeline of the 21st century Pakistani celebrity!

Duck-pout, workouts, Ramazan shows — unless you live under a rock, you've seen this Pakistani showbiz star do it all.
Published October 29, 2015

With the awesome gang at the awesome LUX Style Awards. Thanks guys, for an awesome evening full of awesome peeps, talents and random osmosis awesomeness. And thanks also to lovely awesome Beena, Timmy, Kinku, Bali and Fittaymu. You guys are all awesome and make me awesome too. Moooah. Awesome!

Working out my bod with ma bud Badar Butt at the budding Body Double Gym in Karachi. Gettin in shape for ma next TV play, Mirza Gahlib. I’ll be playing the lead.

With the lovely Mahira Khan on the set of her show, The Set of Mahira Khan Show. As a guest, I had a ball with Mahiru and her teamu, as we cracked jokes, exchanged gossip, played with the lamps and ate salty biscuits. Thanks Mairu for the invitu and now, it’s my turn to invite you to my show.

With the lovely Mahira Khan on my show, The Bod Man. As a guest she had a ball with my team and me, as we cracked jokes, exchanged gossip, played with the lamps and ate salty biscuits.

On stage with the great man!!!! A crowd of about a trillion young patriots went wild wanting revolution and riddance from corrupt, dishonest, dynastical dogs!!!! Go Nawaz Go, Go Obama Go, Go Madonna Go! What an inspiring evening it was, truly engrossing, enthralling, beguiling, mesmeric and messianic!!!! Some folks even compared my bod to that of Khan’s. Truly honoured!!!!

Conducting my special Ramazan show on TV. It’s a very different kind of a Ramazan show compared to the ones on TV these days. I’ll be hosting it from the seat of a motorbike! Ain’t that khool? But remember, friends, help the poor, the needy, the helpless in Ramazan, and fast and pray, perform Hajj, cry a lot, repent, and shun all luxuries and pleasures and materialism and drink only Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin. Fasting is good for the bod too, guys, so keep as many fasts as possible. See you in janna, dudes … !!! PS: My Kurta was designed by Asim Joffa at a very modest price, Alhamdulillah.

Guesting in a famous cooking show. Being a dedicated foodie, I had a ball preparing biryani, bhindi, chatni and sushi. Yummummum. Went to the show wearing my favorite going-out outfit. Am I haat or am I haat? Hehe.

At Tibet Snow Style Awards with the beautiful peeps. I received an award for handing out an award to a celebrity last year who got it for handing out the award to another celebrity the year before who handed the award to me this year so he could receive it next year from the one who he handed the award year before last. Awesome.