The villains we love to hate

Updated Sep 02, 2015 04:18pm
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WHAT’S a movie without a bad guy? There won’t be any charm left for most of us if a story had no villain and, of course, a super hero will be of no help to anyone when there wouldn’t be any baddies to fight.

So, believe it or not, villains are also a major attraction in any movie and it is the chills and thrills of spooky villains that doesn’t make it easy for us to sit comfortably while watching the havoc they create in the protagonists’ life and then we cheer when the super heroes take them down!

Villains are crucial to the plot as they can break or make the movie’s climb to the top! Don’t you like it when Gru takes down Vector and Al Macho in Despicable Me 1 and 2?

So today we are going to explore some top villains of Pixar and Disney movies. The list is totally our opinion while you can make your list of the baddies that you like to dislike. Here are some of the notorious ones from the past two decades!

1. Sid & LotsoToy Story

TOY Story has lots of villains throughout its sequels, like Sid, Stinky Pete, Lotso and Emperor Zurg, but we’ve selected Sid as the meanest of the lots for he plays havoc with the protagonists Woody and Buzz.

In the first part we see the 10-year-old extremely ill-tempered Sid, whose idea of fun is terrorising his little sister, Hannah Phillips, by taking her toys away and using them for scary experiments like switching out heads or performing operations on them. He also destroys toys in many ways (exploding, burning, or in his ‘mad doctor’ plays). After his toys turn on him, he vows never to hurt a toy again.

The second antagonist who also has a great impact on the ‘toys’ life is Lotso — the cuddly bear that is actually very dangerous! In the beginning, Lotso acts as a warm, caring bear whose intentions appear to be harmless as it welcome Andy’s toys at the day care centre. But soon, Lotso begins to reveal his controlling, warden-like ways and intends to either keep the toys in line or destroy them in the feared inferno. In the end, the toys work together through their differences and escape the ill-cared facility while Lotso’s fate is left unclear but we know he could never reform.

2. Darla ShermanFinding Nemo

THERE are many villains in this movie but in our charts, Darla Sherman comes at number two! Darla is the niece of Philip Sherman, a dentist, who presented her Nemo.

She is a naughty and ill-tempered child; Darla is described by Gill and the other fish in Sherman’s fish tank as a ‘fish killer’. Darla couldn’t get hold of Nemo as he escapes from her with the help of other fish and is drained through the sink. Darla then looks down the drain and screams “Fishy!” It is unknown what happens to Darla afterwards.

Dr Philip Sherman is the secondary antagonist because while he did kidnap Nemo from his home, Darla is still the main villain because she is a more direct threat to Nemo and the fish than her uncle.

3. NigelRio

“THAT Blue Bird caused my misery!” — Nigel Nigel remains a villain in both parts of the Rio movie. He was once the popular star of many animal TV shows. However, he was later meanly kicked out of fame and replaced by a green parakeet called Petricious. Since then, Nigel became an evil, bitter, hideous and mean-spirited bird who hatefully despises all ‘pretty birds’. He later became the ‘evil henchbird’ of a group of smugglers and vows to cause pain to all ‘pretty birds’ as revenge for his acting role being ruined. Just like some other villains in our charts, Nigel is also seen at first as a ‘patient’ at Tulio Monteiro, an ornithologist’s aviary. However, his sickness is quickly revealed in his evil expressions and features! It is funny to see how a bird is acting like a perfect villain in acts like stealing keys, using chloroform, chocking Jewel when she tries to escape and even plotting to kill Blu with a poisonous dart but fails. He keeps on fighting with Blu, but is finally captured by Tulio and taken back to Rio to be observed.

4. Henry J. Waternoose III & Randall BoggsMonsters, Inc.

WE have two main antagonists in this movie. Waternoose is an obese grey monster, completely bald, with five eyes and walks around on a set of six crab-like legs. He is shown to have a gentle, fatherly facade and is only driven to villainy out of desperation to keep Monsters Inc. afloat in the midst of the energy crisis.

Waternoose’s, real self is revealed when he promises to Sulley to set things right, but instead reveals that he is on Randall’s (another ‘bad’ monster) scheme and pushes Sulley and Mike into the door which took them to the Himalayas in Nepal. While he then worked at the secret lair on his evil plan with Randall.

Mr Waternoose and Randall Boggs remain villains till the end, the former is arrested by CDA, while the latter is banished to the human world.

5. Humpty Alexander DumptyPuss in Boots

HUMPTY is a true antagonist who can only think of clever ideas which can benefit only him. He has no power, no speed, so with just brains he is unable to achieve his evil plans. No wonder he is always persuading Puss, who has speed and cleaver fighting tricks, to indulge in crime and play tricks on others.

Humpty is shown as greedy and selfish throughout the movie as he steals and rebels. Puss is even imprisoned as Humpty turns his back on him as revenge and it is revealed that he is Jack and Jill’s (other antagonists’) boss.

6. Chef SkinnerRatatouille

“WELCOME to Hell.” — Skinner

The little rude and hot-tempered Skinner is the head chef of the famous restaurant, Gusteau’s. He is shown bossing around the kitchen after Gusteau’s sudden death (in whose will, it was stated that Skinner would inherit Gusteau’s business interests only if no heir appeared within two years after his death). Skinner hides the will from everyone.

Skinner is selfish and interested in the profit from Chef Gusteau’s Frozen Foods’ line. He also knows that Linguini, the orphan who he reluctantly hires, is Gusteau’s son. His wicked plans go well until Remy (the rat) gets hold of the inheritance papers and shows them to Linguini.

Skinner even captures Remy and forces him to create a new frozen food line for him. His plans fail, but he doesn’t give up, so he reports rat infestation to the health department, causing the restaurant to be closed. However, he is shown to leave Linguini alone when Linguini reopens another restaurant.

7. Drago BludvistHow to Train Your Dragon

HE is the main antagonist in How to Train Your Dragon 2. A power-hungry tyrant, Drago, seeks to amass a massive dragon army by enslaving dragons with his Bewilderbeast before proceeding to dominate humankind in a reign of terror.

Drago is presented as a madman completely devoid of conscience or mercy. He has lust for power and no tolerance for those who oppose his cause. Having heard rumours of other ‘dragon masters’, Drago immediately orders his army to invade the dragon nest and take down its alpha. His imposing, tyrant nature is the true depiction of a villain and throughout the movie he remains bad and ruthless!

The movie ends when Toothless and other dragons having a fight with Drago and his Bewilderbeast, who are eventually defeated and they retreat into the ocean with Drago still on it. Drago’s fate is unknown at this point. However, it has been hinted by the film’s director that Drago Bludvist will return in the upcoming third instalment.

8. Charles MuntzUp

CHARLES Muntz is introduced early on as a famous scientist who Carl, an elderly man, greatly admires. Muntz is first thought to be a simple guy, however, the dogs that he had been keeping give a clear hint that Muntz is not that simple. He’s desperately in search of ‘the prized bird’. And when he finds out that Carl and Russell have the bird, he along with a gang of bad dogs follows them. He even captures Russell but after all the fighting, Muntz ultimately falls to his death.

9. HopperA Bug’s Life

THE bad guys are everywhere, even in the insect world. Yes, Hopper is a ruthless grasshopper. He is rude, bossy and, of course, selfish. He has a gang of allies who are under his control to enforce the ants to maintain the supply of food for them.

The hero of the film, Flick (an ant) stands up to Hopper who reluctantly falls to the rise of the ants and is presumed to be eaten by a nest of baby chicks.

10. AutoWall-E

WHY should machines be kept away from the list of villains? So we have ‘Autopilot’; a wheel that controls the space station Axiom and the main antagonist in this movie. He tries to prevent the Axiom and the hundreds of people living on it from returning to Earth which is ‘now’ habitable.

Auto’s role in the movie is a matter of debate. Many believe that he, being a machine, follows its programme of keeping the humans away from returning to Earth which was contaminated, however, the orders it is following were received 700 years ago. And as no one else hears this message on Axiom, Auto keeps it a secret and disobeys the commands of Captain. He then stages a mutiny with another robot GO-4 to prevent them from returning to Earth. He secretly orders GO-4 to remove the plant and put in self-destruct mode, so there wouldn’t be any evidence that earth is habitable.

Auto is quite violent, he shocks Wall — E, deactivates EVE, locks the captain and has quite a fight with them — all these malicious acts are way too much for a machine! But thankfully, he is eventually relieved of his duty when Captain switches him to manual control! This machine is as mean as a man can be!