Heroes: Pakistan's Special Olympics performance at a glance

Pakistan's Special Olympics heroes bagged a rich haul of 35 medals at the 2015 Los Angeles Games.
Published August 4, 2015
— Photo by Ibtisam Zahid
— Photo by Ibtisam Zahid

Pakistan's Special Olympics heroes bagged a rich haul of 35 medals at the 2015 Los Angeles Games that concluded on Sunday.

The 55-member Pakistan contingent took part in 9 disciplines and won medals in 8 with Cycling bringing in as many as six gold medals.

Here's a detailed breakdown of Pakistan's performance at the Games:

(A medal in a doubles and team event counts as one)

Graphic by Ibtisam Zahid
Graphic by Ibtisam Zahid


Marvi Azher - 400m run (Bronze)

Nayab Bibi - 200m run (Bronze)

Nadir Hussain - 100m run (Silver)

Saira Ikram - 100m run (Silver)

Amna Irshad - Long jump (Silver)

Ramail Irshad - 200m run (Gold)

Amjad Khan - Long jump (Silver)

Mohammad Waseem - Long jump (Bronze)


Aqsa Ahmed Janjua - 50m backstroke (Gold) - 50m freestyle (Silver)

Asim Zar - 100m freestyle (Gold) - 50m freestyle (Silver)


Jahanzaib Iqbal - Singles (Gold) Ume Salma Tayyab - Singles (Gold)

Jahanzaib Iqbal and Ume Salma Tayyab - Mixed doubles (Gold)


Silver medals won by Basketball team and Unified Basketball Team (a combined team of athletes with and without intellectual disabilities)

Basketball team

Hamza Abbasi, Mohammad Adeel, Mohammad Azam, Shaheer Hayat, Saddam Khan, Akhtar Khattak, Abdul Memon, Usman Mohammad, Waheed Rehman, Mohammad Usman, Mohammad Zahid

Basketball unified team

Mohammad Sheheryar Awan, Ali Hassan, Moiz Hussain, Osama Javaid, Mohammad Khan, Ahmed Mukaty, Hammad Nauman, Noman Saghir, Mohammad Shaukat, Mohammad Tambawalla

2015 LA Games: Meet Pakistan’s Special Olympics heroes


Tauseef Hassan - 10k Road race (Gold) - 5k Road race (Gold)

Mehmona Hussain - 500m Time trial (Silver) - 1k Time trial (bronze)

Khadija Irfan - Cycling 500m Time trial (Silver) - Cycling 1K Time trial (bronze)

Salman Siddiqui - Cycling 2K Time trial (Gold) - Cycling 500m Time trial (bronze)

Uzma Yousaf - Cycling 1K Time trial (Gold) - Cycling 2K Time trial (Gold)

Sumbal Yousuf - Cycling 2K Time trial (Gold)


Five-a-side team (bronze)

Tahir Hammad, Imran Hussain, Elizer Iqbal, Jehangir Khan, Sheheryar Riaz, Mohammad Saleem, Sajid Shah, Mohammad Syed,

Table tennis

Mohammad Arham and Faisal Khursheed - Doubles (Silver)

Faisal Khursheed and Ruqia Latif - Mixed doubles (Bronze)

Ruqia Latif - Singles (Bronze)


Ahsan Anwer and Mohammad Qayyum - Double (Gold)

Ahsan Anwer - Singles (Bronze)

Mohammad Qayyum - Singles (Silver)