Four more convicts executed in jails across country

Updated March 25, 2015


Convicted murderers were hanged in Sukkur, Sahiwal and Bahawapur jails. —AP/File
Convicted murderers were hanged in Sukkur, Sahiwal and Bahawapur jails. —AP/File

SUKKUR/SAHIWAL/BAHAWALPUR: Four convicted murderers have been hanged till death in three jails on Wednesday morning.

Abdul Razzaq Chohan and Jalil aka Jalal Morejo were hanged in the Sukkur Central Prison-1.

Chohan had stabbed to death Aftab Merani, a seventh grade student at a local seminary at the Bachal Shah Miani area. The session courts Sukkur found him guilty and awarded death sentence to him in 2003.

Morejo, a resident of Naushero Feroze area, was found guilty of shooting Haroon Morejo dead in 1997.

Jalal Morejo had committed the murder over an old feud. Both the murderer and the victim belonged to the same clan. The session court of Naushero Feroze had granted death sentence to Morejo in 2000.

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Another death row convict Shahbaz Ali was hanged till death in the Central Jail Sahiwal.

Shahbaz Ali, a resident of Depal road, had shot a seven-year-old boy, Asim Baig, dead in 1998 over a land dispute. He was awarded death sentence by the session courts.

Ghulam Yaseen, a resident of Ahmedpur Sharqia, was also executed in the morning in the Central Jail Bahawalpur.

The district and session courts Bahwalpur had awarded death sentence to him against rape and murder charges.

Yaseen was convicted for the rape and murder of a woman in 2002. The victim was also a resident of the same area.

The review petitions of all executed prisoners were turned down by the higher and superior courts. President of Pakistan had also rejected their mercy appeals.

Execution of two other murder convicts, namely Luna Khan, son of Allah Rakha, of village Talhar, tehsil Hasilpur, and Khadim Husain, a resident of village Fazilwala, district Lodhran, has been suspended.

The jail officials said their hanging was suspended on the orders of Bahawalpur District and Sessions Judge Rana Masood Akhtar who informed them that a compromise between the convicts and the aggrieved parties was expected.

Another condemned prisoner Jafar Ali, who was set to be executed in Sahilwal Central Jail, got his sentence suspended, as the plaintiff agreed to forgive him.

Jafar Ali had been sentenced to death for killing two of his own siblings in 1997, over a dispute pertaining to distribution of their hereditary property

Some 8,000 condemned prisoners are still in a death row in various jails across the country.

The ruling PML-N government had lifted the moratorium on the death penalty on Dec 17, 2014, in terrorism related cases in the wake of a Taliban attack at the Army Public School in Peshawar, which claimed 141 lives, most of them children. Later, the government completely reinstated capital punishment for all offences that entail the death penalty.

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The United Nations, the European Union, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have urged the government to re-impose the moratorium on the death penalty.