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Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani. — File photo
Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani. — File photo

ISLAMABAD: Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani, chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), said on Monday that the laws regarding second marriage of a man in the presence of first wife were against religious principles.

“Sharia allows men to have more than one wife and we demanded that the government should amend the law,” he told reporters after a CII meeting.

The marriage laws were discussed in reply to letters sent by citizens seeking advice.

The laws require a man to have written approval from his existing wife or wives for another marriage.

“The government should amend the law to make the issue of more than one marriage easy and in accordance with Sharia.

“We urge the government to formulate Sharia-compliant laws related to nikah, divorce, adulthood and ‘will’,” Maulana Sheerani said.

It was decided that the CII would write a letter to the Supreme Court to seek information about pending cases related to religious issues. Maulana Sheerani, who is a JUI-F MNA, said the issues included implementation of interest-free economy.

The council is scheduled to discuss the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance on Tuesday.

Comments (128) Closed

Syed Husain Mar 11, 2014 07:29am

I am wondering how many wives does Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani have? How many wives did his father have? and how many wives does his daughter's husband have? These people need to stopped from using Islam as a cover for committing polygamy.

Hatim Shah Mar 11, 2014 07:34am

An why we think CII is relevant?

Hatim Shah Mar 11, 2014 07:36am

Famine in Sind, Baluchistan breaking away Suicide bombings all over the country Killings in Karachi Economy is tank

AND CII wants easy laws for 2nd+ marriage and reduce women to objects. Whah Whah?

Hatim Shah Mar 11, 2014 07:37am

We don't want sharia or CII.

waleek khan Mar 11, 2014 07:39am

Good way to celebrate world women's day... bravo :)

Hatim Shah Mar 11, 2014 07:40am

We should make reciprocal laws to allow women to have 2nd and third husband equally easy and lets see this false shairh explode.

Cant believe how clueless these mullahs are?

Landhi wala Mar 11, 2014 07:41am

One mullah gone bad. He is OK with 2 wives. Maybe Fazl is encouraging him to do this. Testing waters for himself. After all Fazl is a billionaire.

Agha Ata Mar 11, 2014 07:45am

A question for Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani, what a Muslim may do if his first wife refuses to give him permission for the second marriage. Are men allowed to admonish their wives for this?

observer Mar 11, 2014 08:22am

What a pity. In Pakistan, irrelevant bodies created by dictators like Zia still survive. Molana, please go home and allow the nation to live in the 21st century. Stop imposing male chauvinism in the name of Islam. Disband CII, Shariat Court, and separate religion from state. Let minority sects and non-Muslims survive in Pakistan.

Rashid Mar 11, 2014 08:28am

Islam also demands equal rights for women and minorities, be forgiving, human rights, ......, and not being hypocrite. Mulana, why don't you write a letter to the government demanding those to be made easier?

Khan Mar 11, 2014 08:29am

Agreed. Shariah also allows women to break away from marriage incase she don't feel comfortable or does not receive equal/just treatment from husband incase husband has multiple wives.

Babbarsher Khan Mar 11, 2014 08:37am

Maulana Sheerani seems to be very focused on his priorities, he posses all that is needed to make a good president of our Islamic Republic!

A sad Pakistani Mar 11, 2014 08:41am

Look at our priorities. The state is failing and rather than religiously uniting all the forces against the very challenge of terrorism that we face everyday, CII comes up with a non issue on a completely wrong time.

What about pressurizing government to ensure mandatory education for all as it is also a basic tenet of shariah? What about condemning TTP for the blasts on schools? What about issuing a fatwa against militancy and insurgencies against the state? What about health and justice?

We have so much to worry about and the gentleman is complaining about a law which is either relevant to himself only and his likes.

They certainly don't represent common people otherwise they'd be concerned about their real issues.

chikoo Mar 11, 2014 08:42am

There are so many things that need to be amended regardless of this 2nd marriage thing. there be killings and bombing, suicide killings , why can you not tell all the mullahs to condemn and stop murdering innocents across the Pakistan. Trifles like 2nd marriage, People are still getting 2nd marriages although they never demanded any amendments from the government. So come to the real point instead of fooling around.

saleem Mar 11, 2014 09:02am

how muslim men conveniently use religion to keep their hegemony! while the awam suffers poverty, he is preparing grounds for 2nd marriage for men?

Mohd Farooq Shah Mar 11, 2014 09:04am

I am a Kashmiri Muslim and I feel sad that while world is going forward,Pakistan is is moving backwards.Ayub Khan and Musharaff may have been dictators,but they certainly did good for their country including 1962 ordinance regarding restrictions on second marriage.Now,I feel Kashmiri is better off in India than it would have been Pakistan as we need not waste time in non-sense things.Had Jinnah known this mind of extremists, he would have never pressed for Pakistan.

ssf Mar 11, 2014 09:10am

@Hatim Shah: They are not clueless they want enjoyment in their life, so they would love to have 2 or more wives, what a hypocirsy and selfishness and to bring sheria to prove their point. Smart?

MAK Mar 11, 2014 09:11am

What a shame! Where this nation is going . Look at our priorities Mr. Sheerani for god sake wake up now.

ALLY WAQAR Mar 11, 2014 09:22am

@Hatim Shah: Shah Sb........... Mullah's interpretations of Sharia may be wrong however, according to teachings of Islam no woman is allowed to have more than one husband. Kindly do not make fun of Sharia came through our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammed (SAWW).

Necromancer Mar 11, 2014 09:38am

People are dying in Thar from starving and this guy wants laws make second marriage easy.........what a shame

Critic Mar 11, 2014 09:39am

Is this issue of second marraige need of the time? what about terroism and Law n Order situation in our country.

malik Mar 11, 2014 09:42am

Iraq just passed a law marrying a nine year old is according to sharia. So I guess that should be next on CII agenda.

chikoo Mar 11, 2014 09:45am

@ MOHD FAROOQ SHAH!! PARDON! This doesn't have to with the nation(PAKISTAN). this is his individual approach to bring about his demand. PAKISTAN has still running in all same contexts of life although we are coming across with so many political, social, economical and intentional issues. the way you said it like you better be with India, this is your opinion and choice to make. contrary to it, there will lots of Kashmiris who don't want to be with India. because they want to see them independent. Issue was religious not with existence of Pakistan.there are lots of Kashmiri who oppose and some of them agree to be with India . Can we say that they are extremist or Traitors .
Going against your own race. we are departed because we did not want to be slaves by Indians and we lived it . We are living so good. its still you who has to decide as a kashmiri nationalist.Kindly better stick to the point instead of going false.

EQ8Rhomes Mar 11, 2014 09:48am

@chikoo: Good point! Large families used to produce LOW cost labour for farmers -- food, shelter, and cheap clothes without school and increasing medical costs used to be the order. Now, children cost a whole lot more and the world depends on industry for jobs. Men with several wives and many children become a burden on society. Immigration sysytems demand better education and skills, so a father of many and his country can't just export excess grown up children for remittances.High unemployment among male youth increases crimes,too. Do you see any reflections in the Taliban? This is blunt but needed information for fathers. What will you have to share when ALL your children, boys and girls,demand pieces of your wealth against your will in court? Will you have enough land to sub-divide for each? Start hoarding gold and platinum!

???? Mar 11, 2014 09:50am

Who made him the Chairman of CII -

EQ8Rhomes Mar 11, 2014 09:51am

@Khan: If she leaves her shared husband what will she have left to live on? POVERTY? Her bride price will not do!

samad Mar 11, 2014 09:56am

@ALLY WAQAR: Read the news thoroughly, who is asking a woman to have more than one husband at a time. Before criticizing one should completely understand the others' point of view. Criticism just for criticism should not be done.

Ossy Mar 11, 2014 09:57am

My few bits for Maulana Sahib:

  • Please get your priorities right. Example: Seek condemnation of terrorism, declare Jihad against the muderers and seek blood money from the Talibans for 50,000+ innocent deaths of civilians: old, women, children.

  • On this particular issue - please create an example first: ensure that you get married to at least 3 wives and prove "according to my understanding of Sharia" that each one of your "wives independently declares" that she is very happy and that you are doing justice with each and every one of them. Anything short of that, take back your request.

  • Given that a man is required to do justice to all wives, asking for written permission from a wife seems very reasonable, because an existing wife can never be happy unless she accepted a second wife for her husband before the second marriage. I also understand that in the same passage covering more than 1 wife, Quran says something to the effect: one is better for you and Allah knows best.

EQ8Rhomes Mar 11, 2014 09:58am

A VERY interesting point Maulana Sheerani MNA raises is that the women who are discarded for younger ones will often marry again. It does so now and will continue "serial polyandry"! The West is already writing about "poly-amorous" families -- a sort of multiple conjugal arrangement experimented by the hippies in the 1960's! Be careful what you wish for!

Adil Mar 11, 2014 10:01am



I have one question in my mind.Islam gives equality in rights to both Man and women.If man has right to have more then one wife without any permission to his first what should the condition apply on women.For Example if she wants to get 2nd marriage so..... you people kill that women.....right?

Allah Shows us right path.... Adil

EQ8Rhomes Mar 11, 2014 10:02am

I CONGRATULATE Dawn's posters today, but am very SAD to note there are no women today to dress down the Mr. Sheerani MNA! Do NOT VOTE for him and his ilk next time!

pathanoo Mar 11, 2014 10:17am

Is Mohammed Khan Sheerani real? Under what stone has he been hiding till today? If this is the religious leader of Pakistan; no wonder Pakistan is such a mess.

Anna Naveed Mar 11, 2014 10:35am

People like Maulana Sahab should be "ignored" till their voices die out. News is "famine and drought" at the moment. Kids and old people are dying due to food shortage and medical facilities, lets stay focused on that.I wish we could voice our concerns louder than Maulana sahib. Kids in Thar are dying every day while the sindh govt and our so called elite party and enjoy buffets! Maulana Sahib can go marry a dozen more girls half his age and commit all kinds of crimes against humanity while we stay focused on war against terrorism, war against poverty and illiteracy.

Abu Umar Mar 11, 2014 10:36am

@Hatim Shah: this statement is kufr- making fun of the shariah and you need to repent otherwise it ejects the person from the fold of islam

balahisar Mar 11, 2014 10:40am

It is quite hypocritical in the West to have laws againt multiple marriages, but none against adultery/sleeping around. So while they acknowledge polygamous relationships, they are legal only if they are illegal! Btw, since 'liberals' has been promoting acceptance of homosexuality, it should br consistent and promote polygamy as that too is union of two consenting adults!

Nazish Mar 11, 2014 10:49am

How about women's rights according to Shariah?? Seeing as Pakistan female population is considerably more than the male.

Mashman Mar 11, 2014 10:50am

When the women have no problem with this law then why are the men folk complaining.

Muhammad Beary Mar 11, 2014 11:03am

If a man wants to marry second wife he need to have consent of first wife....This is what Islam teach...if not he cant....what is this new body CII doing

LiberalIndian Mar 11, 2014 11:04am

Thank god ! INDIA has isolated religion from the state ! I am a hindu but have visited dargah several several times . I have even went into a mosque to do namaz when I was in my school :) . Would be great if there was one INDIA stronger with pakistan by its side!! two strong nations being one and with one single objective freedom ! great fantasy:)

syed Mar 11, 2014 11:35am

@ALLY WAQAR: respectfully, Mohammed PBUH married a widow at first, how many of you married a widow as your first marriage? You cannot compare marriages of Prophets with yours nor use it as excuse to fulfil your desires. You want to follow Sharia? Set your life model based on Prophet PBUH's life first , THAN speak !!

syed Mar 11, 2014 11:36am

@Syed Husain:

totally agree. this is openly a practise of polygamy using sharia as smoke screen.

syed Mar 11, 2014 11:38am

@Agha Ata: if they go by Quran, there is no way you can have a 2nd wife like that, and why do you need a second wife anyway? this is just absurd.

syed Mar 11, 2014 11:42am

@Hatim Shah: if they declare sharia today, these mullahs who support TTP and TTP itself will be first to be hanged.

Crime? Killing and supporting such of the innocent.

deffury Mar 11, 2014 11:44am

Honestly, why do we delude ourselves in saying this is an Islamic state when we don't even follow even the basics.

A constitution best defines who we are, and when the constitution says that "We believe in Allah and the messenger, but we don't agree on most of the things that are demanded of us..", then we are neither a democratic state nor an Islamic one.

Its a dual ideology problem. Either remove Islam completely from constitution to make a proper democratic state and stop blaming Islam for everything, or implement Shariah completely (one brand of Islamic sect only, unfortunate for the minority sects).

This will allow a sense of purpose and patriotism, and will lead us to better future.

Eastern Mar 11, 2014 11:49am

@Anna Naveed: Why should we allow this animal a free hand.

samad Mar 11, 2014 11:51am

@ALLY WAQAR: Read the news thoroughly. Who is asking a woman to have more than one husband at a time. STOP CRITICIZING JUST FOR CRITICISM

Riz Mar 11, 2014 11:59am

@Hatim Shah: will u allow ur wife to have two or three husband ?

Gran Mar 11, 2014 12:10pm

My dears Maulana has talked about the current law of the state about 2nd, 3rd or 4th mirage which says a NOC should be obtained from the existing wife(s) which is against the islamic law he suggested the correction in current law according to islamic law if a man can satisfy equally all the wives without injustice then he is allowed without obtaining a NOC.

Riz Mar 11, 2014 12:13pm

Polygamy is common in west , start reading biography of any western celebrity , you cant find easily,they marry for few years and break up after even having 2, 3 children. If they do the same in the name of partners and vulgar modern liberalism then if something is allowed in Sharia, why you peoples criticize it allot!!! It is allowed in some is just allowed not mandatory for Men to marry more than one wife. Men is less in number than women, thats why its is allowed to avoid women from being unmarried,and polygamy is allowed to nullify marriage women have equal rights in the name Khula... why u people start blaming sharia yar... its right man can have more than one wife at a time bcz of some biological reason.consider for an instance, if women is too allowed to have more than one wife how one can justify the legitimacy of born child. WHY YOU ALWAYS BLAME MAN, JUST STOP IT.

observer Mar 11, 2014 12:25pm

@Mashman: Such laws are dangerous for a society and a country. It is not that those who are commenting against Molana's demand are opposed to the law just because they are males. It is because nobody wants to see Islam made fun of by the hands of a crazy Molana heading an irrelevant and outdated CII. Nobody wants to see funny laws imposed in the name of Islam. Survival of Pakistan is linked to democracy. More open the democracy is, better will be the odds of Pakistan seeing year 2025 as a country. Enough of Ziaism.

Fraz Mar 11, 2014 12:28pm

Look at their priorities. No wounder the new generation is so far away from religion owing to mindset of such so called Ulemas. Do we really afford to have people like him to have a say in affairs of the state .

Imtiaz Alam Mar 11, 2014 12:36pm

The CII is absolutely right. All Laws repugnant to the Quran & Sunnah should be removed from the Constitution.

Hunza wala Mar 11, 2014 12:39pm

Why is this mullah dressed in foreign looking clothes? Does it gives him more credibility? Strange looking bad mullah Everyone knows he is associated with JUI-F. Maybe mullah Fazl is behind the scenes.

A.M.H.Kango Mar 11, 2014 01:11pm

These are pertinent questions and there are valid answers to all in the Holy Quran. Muslims with scanty knowledge must verify before giving comments. Those with knowledge must apply the Quranic ayat fully and not partially. For example having second wife is subject to equal treatment of the first wife. For a man it is not possible. If the first wife surrenders her right that condition is met. Please don't cite examples of West as they are already fallen angels. Their economic development is no excuse to disturb social order.

Sajid Mar 11, 2014 01:23pm

@Syed Husain: This law will help millions of women in pakistan to get married staying unmarried as the men will be more compromising in their demands for the subject case. This will also improve the moral values of women in society

Sami Ullah Swati Mar 11, 2014 01:55pm

As if this world is created for the ease of man!!!!

shanzay Mar 11, 2014 01:59pm

People like you are the reason this country is a mess.

Imran Mar 11, 2014 02:25pm

While the country is in dire straits of economy and security, The supreme group of Ulama gets paid for brain storming such issues / freedoms. Is this why the taxpayer pays for Council of Islamic Ideology (CII).

Imran Mar 11, 2014 02:31pm

While the nation is figthing such mamoth menaces, the respected Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) brings in something to help freedom of atleast one group of society.

mustafanoor Mar 11, 2014 02:37pm

yes this is also true u write letter to Supreme Court

mustafanoor Mar 11, 2014 02:39pm

as u wish Moulana

Ahmed Mar 11, 2014 02:56pm

@Riz: Brother Riz, please be carefull......acquire knowledge before you slip words!

Akram Mar 11, 2014 02:56pm

These old men have no idea what is happening in today's world, they are still living in the 20th century.

Parvez Mar 11, 2014 02:59pm

For Mullah's like this Islam revolves around marriage, women and their dress code........ALL ELSE IS SECONDARY , especially murder committed in the name of religion.

Ijaz Mar 11, 2014 03:10pm

As usual our so called scholars are taking a very myopic view of Islamic tradition. Yes Sharia does allow a man to take more than one wife and no it does not require the first wives to be present during Nikaah. But does Sharia stipulate other requirements? How many men with more than one wife treat all their wives EQUALLY in accordance with Sharia, in respect of recources, time and love. Would Maulana Sheerani Sb like to suggest what actions the Islamic State should take against those who wilfully thus ignore sharia? If he did he may be taken more seriously. Next they will want the age of marriage reduced to 12!

Nazeer Mar 11, 2014 03:12pm

It looks Moulana himself is thinking for 2nd marriage and his wife is not permitting him. Women are already trodden in this male dominant society. Moulana is again trying to deprive woman from this right also. Shame!

gangadin Mar 11, 2014 03:26pm

Second marriage in the presence of a first wife? This again highlights the plight of women in our society. They are being treated as an object. Where are the women activists now? How come there is no outrage?

Shafiq Mar 11, 2014 03:30pm

@Riz: Dear Sir, your presumptions are way off the mark. In the West the polygamy is against the law with very few exceptions, although some Muslims have managed such relationship hoodwinking the legal requirements. All the same it does not make it legal. Equality of the sexes is a predominant thought. This expert on the Islamic Law is wrong, he may be a scholar of whatever it may be, his version of the Sharia is not other Muslims Sharia . Pakistan is a multicultural society and will remain so for ever,read Iqbal's " Hamalia", once the outrageous behaviour of the demagogues is on the level turf, their power curbed according to the law and other views given equal circulation in the society. These experts are the relics of the past and will loose their credibility sooner than many presume. Obviously given democratic dispensation. Once education (education of maths. physics, chemistry ) becomes wide spread in Pakistan it will be difficult to feed these dinosaurs like existence. The expertise of these people is pretty low, their knowledge of the Arabic language is abysmal . I have met quite a few, they can not conduct a meaningful conversation in Arabic, never mind the unravelling of the meanings of the Old Arabic , they have limited level of knowledge of the life styles of the ancient Arabs. How could they give an authoritative 'Fatava' on anything Islamic ? Not possible. Shafiq

Ossy Mar 11, 2014 03:39pm


As an afterthought, Maulana Sahib, I think the law should be amended as follows:

  • The man should not only seek permission from existing wife but also seek written permission from the 2nd wife i.e. a written confirmation that new wife also knows that the man is already married. Man cannot remarry without full declartion, truth, and honesty to the 1st as well as the new wife.
Ash Mar 11, 2014 03:39pm

@Riz: If you can have two wives then why can't she have two husbands?

kz Mar 11, 2014 03:44pm

@Sajid: Not sure how this will help women. Men outnumber women in Pakistan.

Itimas Akbar Mar 11, 2014 03:45pm

Who is this Mullah? Now I am sure that Pakistan goging to become a second Afghanistan. This is a black day for Pakistan. How you can discriminate 50 % of the female population of a country. We have a lot of other problems in Pakistan. We have no foreign currency; we are economocally at the verge of collape. Apparently these Mullahs from dark ages have no solutions.

PNW Mar 11, 2014 03:47pm

@Nazish: Who told you this Men are more than Women in Pakistan. Please research before you write. Do not blindly quote the Mullas.

lambda Mar 11, 2014 03:49pm

@Akram: you mean 8th century

Khan Mar 11, 2014 03:50pm

At his age? And a second marriage is only permissible if the first wife allows, which I highly doubt, unless she's forced....this may create more oppression, shouldn't be amended

Just Someone Mar 11, 2014 03:59pm

The Sharia allows second marriage. But that would come after the first marriage which we have made so difficult and expensive? Why can't we keep it simple. The simpler it is, the better it is for the bride, the groom and both their families, but we as a society like to show off. With the money that is saved, the new couple will have a better start in life.

We need to make marriage simpler and adultery difficult, but we are doing the opposite.

Let's talk about second marriage when we as a society have made the first one easier.

Just Someone Mar 11, 2014 04:03pm

And after having met scores and scores of young people around the world from various Islamic countries, I am extremely sorry to say that it is the generation of our parents that has indulged themselves and us in extravagant marriages.

Our adults need to adopt a more rationale behavior in this aspect.

chai pani Mar 11, 2014 04:04pm

You pen is your master! O'Sheerani

Dr.M.M.Khan Mar 11, 2014 04:09pm

It is such a paradox! On one hand the Maulana says no permission is required form the first wife and on the other hand he says all wifes should be treated equally. Is it his defination of human rights?

jinnah Mar 11, 2014 04:26pm

jiye jiye pakistan

Mahmood Mar 11, 2014 04:35pm

Nowadays it seems that articles are intentionally designed for Mulla bashing. It's all about perspective, nothing else. IIC's 40 year struggle against Interest based system is mentioned briefly at the end while the fact of second wife is highlighted as if its a crime. Yes, the gist of the article is true but there's no need to sensationalize it. Instead of encouraging deviant thoughts, our religion allows more than one wife (which also ensures that women obtain proper rights as well). Ask western society about the advantages where the the concept of marriage has almost crumbled. If anybody still finds it awkward than kindly visit IRF website and read the founder's views on the subject. Maybe you'll find there's another logical point of view to prevailing thought.

yusuf Mar 11, 2014 04:42pm

As if we didn't have enough of a population explosion, here comes another bombshell!

khan Mar 11, 2014 04:44pm

if i were rich enough to have a mansion with a master bed room and enough money to afford four wives and could impart justice and every now and then if you scream.!!!!! Next!!!!, Next !!!. what is wrong with that...most Most men by nature will cheat on their wives. why not legalize it....

Ahmed Mar 11, 2014 04:52pm

masha'Allah its good to see this council is finally doing some good work to march this country towards Shariah which is the purpose of this society at the first place.

May Allah help them in their endeavor and we see more of such steps to implement Divine law in our society in its true spirit.

Umair Mar 11, 2014 05:13pm

So based on the comments, I reach to the conclusion that it is okay to keep a girl friend and get involved in extra martial affair rather than do a marriage.

Sohrab Mar 11, 2014 05:29pm


To all supporters of the right wing by thier acts of omission or commision....

First they came for the Ahmedis, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not an Ahmedi. Then they came for the Chrisitans, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Christian. Then they came for the Shias, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Shia. Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me

Deen Mar 11, 2014 06:02pm

if Pakistan today is in a bad state then its not that as nation we respect law but we just dont obey law.....we dont even follow the traffic laws let alone secular or Islamic one will make a difference to our nation...let the CII and NA be happy that they have made new laws....whose gonna follow them any way

A Hindu Mar 11, 2014 06:24pm

@Sohrab: How about Hindus and Sikhs? Do they count for you too or are they dead already in your eyes? It is surprising that people are discussing this while children die in Sindh...of course, they are Hindus so they deserve to die?

Ayaz Mar 11, 2014 06:36pm

@Dr.M.M.Khan: That speaks volumes about the intellectual bankruptcy of these so call religious scholars...

Khaled Mar 11, 2014 07:40pm

Why ? so much emphasis on second marriage, are we not already breeding like rabbits.

adam memon Mar 11, 2014 07:41pm

It is the responsibility of parents to look after their children.If some body wants their child marry at the age of 5 let them do.However law order should be maintained.

adam memon Mar 11, 2014 07:44pm

@Deen: yes you are right. God bless our beloved country.

amd Mar 11, 2014 08:18pm

As per Sharia it's normal to have more than 1 wife,Agreed,but in those times(@1400 years ago ,the death rate was very high due to disease,hunger,and war.Just when British started ruling undivided India say 200 years ago,the total population of undivided India was hardly @20 crores .So there was a huge need for manpower because of low population.Today the population of Pakistan itself has crossed 20 crores,leave aside population of India & Bangladesh.Is it really advisable to have more than 1 wife in such a condition?Those who want a second wife are walking on a wrong path(Galat raste par)

Riz Mar 12, 2014 12:20am

@Ash: poeple of Pakistan really need Hitler kind of man, you deserve dictators.

pakistani Mar 12, 2014 12:33am

@A Hindu: no one is hindu or muslim here dear sir, all are Pakistanis, if you really ask about people in thar, Pakistanis are supporting them cordially, mistake and ignorance of few peoples either they are in government of administration must not be considered for all to blame.

independentthinker Mar 12, 2014 12:44am

Just when the world is moving in the direction to bring gender equality, the council of Islamic ideology (CII) is moving in the opposite direction. How can Pakistan ever expect to prosper and be part of the modern world, when it keeps going to the practices that are centuries old. No, a man does not need to have more than one wife. If he is not happy or has other concerns, divorce the first wife, give her the share she is entitled to, including spousal/child support if needed and then, go and marry another woman. If this type of split was practiced, i highly doubt too many men will consider divorcing and remarrying. Women need to be treated as equal and given the same rights as men. If the expectation is for women to be stay-at-home moms, then they should be provided financial support for all their lives, if the marriage breaks down. No women needs to share their husbands, just like husbands don't need to share their wives. What is so hard to understand - I just don't know?

independentthinker Mar 12, 2014 12:50am

@adam memon: Parents don't own their children. They are there to protect and raise them. No, a parent does not have the right to marry their children. Did it ever occur to you that a child has a brain of his/her own and can make such decisions and the parents don't have to decide for them. A child must be an adult, before anyone can decide who he/she is going to spend their life with - and that decision has to be made by that person himself/herself and if at that point, they want to have an arranged marriage, so be it! But deciding their future, while they are still children shows how sick our society is and how mean and selfish the parents could be. All of us should always remember - children are not our property and should not be treated as such. Unless we change this thinking, we are certainly doomed!

independentthinker Mar 12, 2014 12:53am

@Umair: Is it really any of our business, what two adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. I think we should worry about our own affairs and leave others alone. It is only because we continue to worry about other people's way of life, we cannot make any progress.

independentthinker Mar 12, 2014 01:08am

@Mahmood: Even if you were living in the stone ages - i would still find you absurd. But in the 21st century, you sound insane. Can you point out where in our Holy Quran does it say that men are allowed to have 4 or even 2 wives? In the olden days, because of certain circumstances, this was practiced - but in this time and age, I think such practice should be banned. If a man wants to have a second wife, he must divorce his first wife, give her 50% of what he owns, provide her spousal support for the remaining years and if he has children from her, give child support and then, only then, can he go and get another wife. Let us see how many men actually can do that!

Mehreen Rehman, Barrister & Solicitor Mar 12, 2014 05:26am

I understand Maulana is performing his duty of advising the govt to bring laws in compliance with sharia. I have read the comments herein and mostly people are annoyed with his remarks. The issue is of dichotomy. Pakistan has made Islam an integral part of its constitution yet failed to implement it. Hence, we have this Council as a constitutional body and Maulana Sherani as its chairman to advise the government on changes to present laws. With the TTP at the government's back and mostly maulanas and mullahs as its sympathizers or followers. I am confused if there is any way to resolve this issue other than an amendment to the constitution. If Pakistan does not remain an Islamic state then TTP and its like will become redundant automatically. That said, could it be that it is in someone else's interest that Pakistan no longer remain an Islamic state? How come all of a sudden there is hightened militancy and organized terrorism to a level that govt is forced to talk with a banned group? It seems the government of Pakistan is facing an issue more serious than growing poverty, illiteracy, famine and load shedding.

NAEEM SYED Mar 12, 2014 06:29am

Maulana is seeking to ignite an issue just to keep himself in the news.

illawarrior Mar 12, 2014 06:43am

@Mashman: who says the women have no problem with it???

illawarrior Mar 12, 2014 06:48am


Statistics say that for those under 65 there are 106 males for every 100 females in Pakistan. This declines to 82 for those over 65 years.

illawarrior Mar 12, 2014 06:51am

Since there are more males than females in Pakistan, for every man that has two wives, another man misses out completely, or must marry a non Pakistani, and if he is poor and unable to travel, the chances of meeting and marrying a foreign woman are quite low.

RRR Mar 12, 2014 08:29am

If you look at his picture, this mullah seems to be hi on something he is taking, when you are hi you want to talk about having second wife. I don't blame him. Its a joke that our polcy makers listen and act on whatever nonsense these mullas calling themselves moulana come up with,

Servant of Allah Mar 12, 2014 09:42am

@Syed Husain:

One should enter Islam with full heart not like hypocrites. Whatever Allah has legislated for his creature must be implemented. Allah is the one who only has right to legislate so whoever opposes his islamic laws actually opposing Allah's commands. In order for one to be true Muslim he or she should not dislike any Allah's order.

Kazim Mar 12, 2014 04:44pm


I think EITHER Molauna jee is not getting permission from his wife for another one OR If you are doing it for providing "security" to "lonely" women, DEMAND goverment to form law to builder SAFE SHELTERS for those "lonely" women and make them stand on their own feet :)

Bahadur Mar 12, 2014 09:42pm

Let me ask you a basic question. How would you feel about your father when you come to know that he married another woman for no fault of your own mother.

Bahadur Mar 12, 2014 09:43pm

Just looking at the issue in a different angle.

rana1 Mar 13, 2014 01:33am

@Syed Husain: one cannot commit polygamy but one can commit adultery and fornication?polygamy is not a sin,but unequality in marriage is a sin,whether with one wife or four

rana1 Mar 13, 2014 02:08am

@Agha Ata: in islam a man need not ask his wife permission to marry another one because ALLAH SWT gave this permission to men who will treat all his wives equally in love,material etc...,unless the law of the country deems to make a change,maybe because men are misusing the sanctity of marriage.We all know its hard to treat all the wives equally so best is to refrain from marrying many and avoid the wrath of ALLAH swt.Those who forget Qiyama may do all what they want to do as ALLAH swt is the seer,the knower! The ALMIGHTY for sure will punish those men who are unfair to their women.

GHUFRAN KHAN Mar 13, 2014 04:01am

We don't need these mullahs. We should get rid of them and their madrasas once for all.

GHUFRAN KHAN Mar 13, 2014 04:10am

Such kind of thinking will destroy Pakistan.

illawarrior Mar 13, 2014 06:41am

@EQ8Rhomes: Polyandry is when a woman has more than one husband at the same time, as was common practice in Tibet. When it is one after another, it is serial monogamy, ie a series of monogamous relationships.

illawarrior Mar 13, 2014 06:42am

@EQ8Rhomes: That is why education is so important, to ensure women can support themselves and their children

illawarrior Mar 13, 2014 06:51am

@independentthinker: If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice.

Schahzad Mar 13, 2014 07:07am

Asa Everyone:

I am astonished to see such responses against this news. People are abusive here against the laws of Allah (SWT). This is just a mindset because we lived for centuries with Hindus and second marriage is not allowed in their religion. Second marriage is completely allowed for Muslims but with certain limitations. 1. If he can do justice with both wives. (This condition is itself very tough to comply with) So the chances are very less for second marriage even if it is allowed. 2. Secondly just because of our such thinking, many of our women live their lives without marriage which is an irony because women population is more than men in our country. 3. Second marriage is allowed when there is a need of shelter for a women not to fulfill physical desire only.

Please don't be negative against Islam or Sharia. There is nothing wrong in Islam. Islam is giving a perfect social system to mankind, our actions and such thinking make it negative in the eyes of liberal societies. Which are already doing propaganda against Islam.

rabia Mar 13, 2014 08:55am

the man is insane, a disgrace and totally uneducated in matters of religion. Sadly such are the people who gain the limelight with their so called learned pronouncements allowing Islam to be perceived as a violent, unreasonable religion which it is not.

sunny Mar 13, 2014 02:19pm

@rabia: I agree with you sister

Aftab Kenneth Wilson Mar 13, 2014 02:20pm

If in presence of first wife a husband brings in another women as wife I have a wise advise for the first wife: Chop-Off his third leg so that he may move around like a lame duck.

sunny Mar 13, 2014 02:21pm

Pakistani woman need courage and strength ,to fight back this nonsense mullahs

sunny Mar 13, 2014 02:31pm

@????: not me

SK Mar 13, 2014 05:04pm

I don't understand why is CII evoking issues that is not an issue in the society. The nation is happy with the laws it has. It doesn't want to promote early marriages nor it wishes to liberalize polygamy. Haven't this ideology of Islamic councils any other issues to deal with other than male marriage rights and young marriage age. They seem to have a fixation for such issues.

Agha Ata Mar 13, 2014 05:26pm

@Hatim Shah: You said it!

Sharafuddeen Sheikh Mar 13, 2014 07:55pm

Can Ulemas in Pakistan ever think of other problems facing Muslim, like social and economical problems, security and protection to the people, other than having more than one wives, and go on adding until they have four, and then divorcing one, to add a new one to complete a forum of four. Islam does allow but does not command Muslims to have more than one wife. There are conditions that is almost impossible to fulfill in the present situation of Pakistan Can the government prepare a list of all the Ulemas and publish as to who are paying taxes, and zakat. Do the Ulemas think that those sitting in the assemblies and holding government positions are the real elected representatives of the nation. There are many more questions, I bet they cannot answer.

Kamran Mar 14, 2014 02:11am

Dear All, Stop ridiculing Islamic scholars in your comments. We are in this state of confusion because we never tried to learn this great religion of Islam. Just reading Islamiat books in schools and finishing Quran in arabic is not enough to understand this religion. These scholars spend many years learning this religion and what they are saying is not in correct. What is Shariah? It is the way of life our Prophet (Peach be upon him). It needs to be a way of life for us also. If we are not following it, we should at least not redicule scholars who are explaining us what Shariah is. These media channels have screwed our brains big time. Every time we see a person covering his head with turban and has a beard, we think of him as enemy of state or Taliban. In reality, that person is only following a Sunaah of our beloved Prophet (Peach be upon him). No I am not Taliban who live in Waziristan. I am an IT professional and small business owner who lives in US. Also, I don

sana ahmed Mar 14, 2014 11:57am

there is no concept of taking permission from first wife for second marriage, However equality is important among them... This is what Islam teaches. I believe every rich man should have atleast two wifes.

Nobody Mar 14, 2014 12:46pm

@Sajid: Are you joking??? How exactly does a woman trading in her dignity to become a second third or fourth plaything for a man save her morality??? And what of the so called "morality" of these disgusting men who will stop at nothing to turn religion into a self serving joke?