Fatima S Attarwala

The best-laid plans of mice and men

The best-laid plans of mice and men

Short of a winged messenger bringing glad tidings, all talk of the growth rate and future prospects is just that: talk.

Published Jun 15, 2020 01:08pm
Reality check

Reality check

INFLATION is down to single digits and the balance of trade has improved.

Updated Jun 08, 2020 08:38am
Holes in the package boat

Holes in the package boat

If there was ever a time to go deep in debt and beg, borrow and steal to finance relief measures, it is now.

Updated Apr 27, 2020 08:50am

Compassion eludes pharma sector

Is it not their responsibility to sell drugs at cost at least to reduce the financial burden on ordinary people?

Published Apr 13, 2020 06:02am
Heroines on the long toiling road

Heroines on the long toiling road

‘I am grateful that I can earn Rs15,000 a month. In the village, I was paid Rs200 per day for hard labour from 8am to...

Published Mar 09, 2020 07:08am

How PSL can climb up the scoreboard

PSL is a marketing exercise in entertainment that has the potential to be a multi-billion-dollar asset for the country.

Published Feb 17, 2020 07:39am
Brexit: business as usual… for now

Brexit: business as usual… for now

Being complacent while one of our biggest trading partners undergoes major changes hardly seems to be the best strategy.

Updated Feb 10, 2020 07:35am

Doomed resolutions

Textile, taking up the lion’s share of exports, is unlikely to be a catalyst for growth despite the room created by....

Published Jan 06, 2020 07:07am

Pak-China FTA: the same old story

There had been some noise about Beijing offering unilateral concessions against the background of the CPEC.

Published Dec 16, 2019 07:14am

Trading tensions

‘If the government had continued to pressurise traders, I think we would have broken rank.

Published Nov 04, 2019 07:17am
Reality versus perception

Reality versus perception

Conventional wisdom at times flies in the face of reality as shown by the experiments conducted by the Nobel ...

Published Oct 21, 2019 07:08am
The wealth of the wealthiest

The wealth of the wealthiest

We live in a country where the true wealth of the richest is buried too deep to be listed on billionaires’ lists.

Updated Oct 14, 2019 07:59am

Where are the economists?

Eleven economists. Most with the venerated title of ‘doctor’ preceding them. That is how many were contacted for...

Published Sep 23, 2019 07:04am

Dividends of trade war

‘US importers have lost confidence in China, which benefited Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh in a big way,’...

Published Sep 16, 2019 06:56am
The hyperbole of  Pak-US trade

The hyperbole of Pak-US trade

Any increase in exports will remain marginal until firms move out of their comfort zones and improve their operations.

Updated Jul 29, 2019 10:12am