Jawaid Bokhari

Old wine in a new bottle

The 10th NFC with the new terms of reference on its agenda is on a course which leads nowhere

Published 04 Aug, 2020 07:10am
Hiccups in governance style

Hiccups in governance style

‘The local bodies in Pakistan saddled with a governance style which is top-down, reactive and authoritative’.

Updated 13 Jul, 2020 08:42am

Pakistan Economic Survey: Stability undermined

Amidst the overall dismal performance of industrial and services sectors, agriculture and small industries both largely in the informal sector posted positive growth

Published 15 Jun, 2020 03:51pm
Space for making a living

Space for making a living

The key task in the realm of public welfare is to encourage entrepreneurship at the grassroots in a variety of ways that helps ...

Published 01 Jun, 2020 08:11am

Product pricing: back to basics

In these days of lockdown, it would be interesting to look into the justification of two leading car assemblers raising prices of their vehicles despite plant closure...

Published 27 May, 2020 06:34am

Economy at a crossroads

The pandemic is acting as a catalyst for a virtuous change, raising some hope in an otherwise dismal environment

Published 27 Apr, 2020 06:57am

Breathing space for economy

Will an empowered wing of the Ministry of Finance succeed where fiscal responsibility and debt limitation law have...

Published 13 Apr, 2020 06:02am