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The inescapable issues behind the global turbulence are that of worsening problems of the teeming billions left behind... Published 13 Sep, 2021 06:30am

Beyond the easy takeover

Ruling Taliban regime in Afghanistan is under pressure to adopt a set of flexible and pragmatic policies Published 23 Aug, 2021 06:45am

Economics laced with politics

The PTI’s two-year election campaign will perhaps be the second longest after that of the prolonged pre-1970 polls Published 16 Aug, 2021 06:58am
Risks to production-led growth

Risks to production-led growth

Critics say more than half of the current dollar reserves are from foreign borrowings including costly commercial debt. Updated 09 Aug, 2021 08:55am
Tracking future trends

Tracking future trends

For a better tomorrow, the voter’s responsibility cannot end with ... Published 02 Aug, 2021 06:59am

Putting the house in order

Notwithstanding their dyna­mic mutual relationship, a country’s external policy is essentially an extension of... Published 26 Jul, 2021 07:39am

Rights and responsibilities

The implementation of the electorate mandate remains a low priority with voter’s accountability of their... Published 19 Jul, 2021 07:12am
The strategic challenges

The strategic challenges

Pakistan has been unable to develop a proactive foreign policy to help promote economic development ... Published 12 Jul, 2021 07:10am

Time to revisit exchange rate policy

A stable currency, with minimal fluctuations, is necessary for the success of any long-term economic growth strategy as ... Published 05 Jul, 2021 07:06am

Taming inflation

Prices are unlikely to stabilise before the end of this calendar year or till such time production and supplies, disrupted by ... Published 31 May, 2021 07:02am
An agenda for endogenous growth

An agenda for endogenous growth

Experts estimate that the country needs a 7-9pc annual economic growth rate for the next 30 years to create 2m jobs... Published 03 May, 2021 05:44am