Jawaid Bokhari

Breaking the begging bowl

Even PTI legislators have started publicly criticising economic policies that are hurting ordinary citizens. Updated Oct 15, 2019 08:07am

Debts trigger privatisation

90pc of the proceeds are to be spent on loan retirement and 10pc on poverty alleviation Published Sep 30, 2019 06:54am

Together we can

The strategy for socio-economic development should be a blend of ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ approach Published Sep 23, 2019 07:16am

Some good news at last

A Reuters’ survey indicates that most central banks have cut interest rates to shore up their economies in the wake ... Published Sep 09, 2019 06:46am

Renewing business confidence

Few initial positive indicators have the potential to slightly rekindle the sagging business confidence in the economy. Updated Sep 02, 2019 10:43am

Stubborn tax culture

The erratic and low spending on economic development and public welfare has dampened the spirit of voluntary taxation. Updated Aug 26, 2019 09:06am

Closing the production gap

Banks find it convenient to finance foreign trade rather than indulge in aggressive long-term risky lending for ... Published Aug 05, 2019 07:01am

Investment outlook in a haze

The current high central bank policy rate is not justified because inflation is fluctuating within a single-digit ... Published Jul 29, 2019 06:57am

Sinking rupee and its fallout

A fiscal expert suggests that the country’s finance team should develop an alternative plan to meet the IMF... Published Jul 08, 2019 07:57am

Recipe for an undervalued rupee?

With the real effective exchange rate and intrinsic value of the rupee ignored, devaluation has lost all prudent limits Published May 27, 2019 07:20am