Jawaid Bokhari

For the love of Dar

For the love of Dar

Maybe his strong-arm tactics and persuasion skills will be more successful in the battle for taming inflation and the runaway... Published 03 Oct, 2022 06:45am

Social values that widen prosperity

The success of policies depends on responding directly to the needs of ordinary people for a more secure existence, rather than... Published 19 Sep, 2022 09:30am

Hopeless dreams

While the finance minister’s aim to break out of the boom-and-bust cycle is laudable, the barriers appear insurmountable Published 12 Sep, 2022 04:43am

Prioritise small dams

Mini dams conserve rainwater, reduce poverty and are affordable compared to mega projects Published 05 Sep, 2022 03:32am

Eyes opening for inclusivity

The citizen’s role will widen over time in shaping the nation’s democratic and prosperous future Published 29 Aug, 2022 09:20am

Diverse views in policymaking

Pakistan’s politics are highly partisan, with little cooperation or compromise between the government and parliament. Updated 15 Aug, 2022 10:05am
Striving for economic unity

Striving for economic unity

In current climate of political polarisation and crisis, the private sector is taking the lead in drafting a Charter of Economy. Updated 08 Aug, 2022 09:49am

The need for people-centred development

Globally, voices are calling for a paradigm shift in government and business policies, signalling the need for a cultural change Published 01 Aug, 2022 09:40am

Unease about supply-side inflation

Prominent economists criticise measures that increase interest rates rather than address real causes of core issues Published 25 Jul, 2022 07:50am
Political economy of common good

Political economy of common good

The road to economic progress and prosperity of the nation’s people lies in a democratic common interest state. Updated 18 Jul, 2022 09:47am

A wild goose chase

For decades we have tried to manage macroeconomic imbalances arising out of excessive imports without addressing the core issue. Updated 04 Jul, 2022 10:27am

The increasing disparity

While the persistently high inflation rate has become the primary concern of the vast majority of the citizens, the... Published 27 Jun, 2022 06:58am

Winds of change gaining velocity

Policymakers should convert challenges into an opportunity to achieve high-tech enabled middle-class economy and food security. Updated 20 Jun, 2022 09:07am

Catching up with the times

In the process of development when the growth of various sectors and sub-sectors of the economy is not properly... Published 06 Jun, 2022 08:16am

Escalating cost-of-living crisis

Unaddressed for long, numerous imbalances in many market economies, emerging or developed — aggravated by global... Published 30 May, 2022 04:26am