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Book reviews: Disney Best Friends

The earlier you start reading, the better because that’s something which goes on to help you for the rest of your... Published 02 Dec, 2023 07:02am

Book review : Be More Batman

He is a good guy who doesn’t depend on superpowers; he has a few friends but he trusts them with his life, and he... Published 23 Sep, 2023 05:21am

Book review: Who is Jackie Chan?

There are two kinds of superheroes — those who beat the bad guys on screen and those who defy the odds to achieve... Published 08 Jul, 2023 07:02am

Book review; Be More Captain America

He may have been around since the 1940s, but Captain America is not as old-fashioned as his counterparts from that... Published 29 Jun, 2023 04:52am
Book review: Submarines

Book review: Submarines

There are two kinds of enemies in this world; those who attack you from the front and those you don’t see. Published 26 Jun, 2021 06:28am