Idrees Khawaja

Rethinking the NFC

The principle of equity demands that development efforts of the state be spread all over the country. Published Apr 29, 2019 07:11am

All in schools…

Costs can be cut significantly by revisiting our education model. Published Nov 08, 2018 06:12am

Reform resistance

Rent-seekers will always come in the way of meaningful change. Published Oct 24, 2018 06:26am

Vision 2025 score

There are lessons to draw from not meeting goals. Published Jul 29, 2018 07:07am

Future of MBA

What can be done to revive interest in business studies? Published Mar 04, 2018 07:03am

Fit to be exploited

Imagine 300,000 semi-educated youth with few prospects of jobs. Published Dec 10, 2017 07:01am

PM has your cash

Voters do not assess the honesty level of candidates. Published Aug 06, 2017 03:11am

Part-time PhD

HEC rankings are sending misleading signals. Published Jul 07, 2017 06:51am

Charter of economy

A common economic agenda is not good for the nation. Published Jun 07, 2017 01:31am

Potential leaks

The CPEC website needs to give more details. Published May 30, 2017 06:54am

FICTION: Wishful thinking

An economist imagines what Pakistan’s future could be if a revolution of thought began now Updated Apr 25, 2017 11:46pm

Home to school

Fewer but better-equipped schools might be the solution. Published Apr 19, 2017 06:56am

Misplaced optimism

Rising inequality is a ticking time bomb. Published Mar 14, 2017 03:52am

Economic dilemma

Structural issues must be sorted out for economic growth. Published Jan 23, 2017 02:31am

Abuse of authority

Those pointing a finger at irregularities deviate from the norm. Published Jan 08, 2017 12:59pm

The election cycle

Governments adopt myopic fiscal policies to win votes. Published Nov 10, 2016 01:13am

Poverty and terror

Economic opportunities are scarce in Fata. Published Oct 18, 2016 04:45am

Flawed degrees

Local PhD programmes are not suited to conditions in our society. Published Sep 19, 2016 03:09am