Madiha Sattar

Post-2014 Afghanistan: Pakistan’s nightmare?

KARACHI: They are Pakistanis, Afghans, Arabs, Germans, Turks, Libyans, Sudanese, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz and Uighurs. They operate from Bajaur in the north to the Waziristans in the south. Published 18 Feb, 2013 12:00am
The women behind the Oscar

The women behind the Oscar

KARACHI: “Rukhsana says that if she has to bear the consequences [of the film], so be it,” says Bilquis, a staff member at the Acid Survivors Foundation in Islamabad, where the acid attack victims featured in co-director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy`s Oscar-winn Published 27 Feb, 2012 09:34pm
Everything around here is mine

Everything around here is mine

It’s official: nearly 80 per cent of all minerals produced in Pakistan come from Balochistan. Published 21 Feb, 2012 09:52am

A quieter day at the festival

KARACHI, Feb 12: With fewer literary heavyweights on the schedule and a smaller crowd, day two of the Karachi Literature Festival did not bring the increased attendance and excitement one would have expected on a Sunday. Published 12 Feb, 2012 11:50pm

Festival goes international

KARACHI, Feb 11: Challenging him on everything from his alleged pro-military bias to why he thinks a majority of the Punjabis support Lashkar-i-Taiba and Jamaat-ud-Dawa, analyst Ayesha Siddiqa subjected British author Anatol Lieven to a grilling at the Ka Published 11 Feb, 2012 07:51pm
Pandora’s box

Pandora’s box

WikiLeaks has been a thorn in the side of even relatively transparent governments. For Pakistan’s politicians and its security establishment — people accustomed to running the country from behind closed doors — the public Published 31 Dec, 2011 01:50am

Interview: John Freeman

Literature is not a direct representation of life or reality, it`s a refraction. It magnifies the anxieties of ... Published 15 Oct, 2010 12:00am

Green goes Granta

ON September 15, at the launch of Granta`s Pakistan-themed issue at Asia House in London, short story virtuoso... Published 03 Oct, 2010 12:00am