Asha’ar Rehman

Advisers vs advisers

There are many advisers around to bite the bullet for the prime minister. Published Mar 27, 2020 06:47am

Process of elimination

Why so much stress on the lack of resources where you needed to display your strongest side to the people? Published Mar 20, 2020 07:14am

Aman for all seasons

The outer circle woven around these famous stage performers has been that of misery and sometimes even morbidity. Published Mar 13, 2020 07:09am

Non-expert defence

Self-exile or living abroad ‘temporarily’ is something Pakistani politicians are very fond of volunteering when face. Updated Mar 06, 2020 08:27am

Remains of the old PTI

The hounds are out to target the entire power edifice that has been created in Punjab. Published Feb 28, 2020 06:54am

A willing appendage

PPP could be repeating the mistaken strategy that was the bane of PTI for long. Updated Feb 21, 2020 08:21am

Of some utility still

A year into the new government, Sadaqat’s utility store had little extra to offer to its brave customers. Published Feb 14, 2020 07:04am

Unstable times

The government cannot be forever bogged down in the romantic ideal of holding everyone accountable for past deeds. Updated Feb 07, 2020 07:27am

Imagine, just imagine...

One brilliant scheme envisioned Chaudhry Nisar taking the crown, watched by a whole line of PTI hopefuls. Updated Jan 31, 2020 07:44am

But what’s the solution?

There are problems much deeper that cannot be addressed only by the big three sitting in Lahore. Updated Jan 24, 2020 08:02am

Mughal-i-Azam II

Renting out certain parts of Lahore Fort against a fee is considered an acceptable way to generate extra income. Updated Jan 17, 2020 07:21am

Silence and submission

The whole political class in the country is exposed to the torrents let loose on the enemies of empowered civilian rule. Updated Jan 10, 2020 07:49am

The new year buzz

The 2020 huddle of the big three in Punjab is meant to serve as a symbol of unity. Updated Jan 03, 2020 07:30am

National: Cornered but not quite

COURTS, parliament, hospitals, tentative agreements, accusations of last-minute betrayal – yet it is moot if 2019... Published Jan 01, 2020 08:14am

The team that lets them down

The tradition of camouflaging the PM’s own weak moments in the acts of his blundering associates continues. Published Dec 27, 2019 07:08am

Pranks to die for

There have been jokes and stunts culminating in disasters. This has been brewing for a long time. Published Dec 20, 2019 07:07am

A professional job

The govt must ponder over the reasons that have contributed to these sets of professionals taking extreme measures. Updated Dec 13, 2019 07:50am

Change — not of faces

The PTI leadership is looking to make the Buzdar government visible. Published Dec 06, 2019 07:10am

Basics of our own liking

It is odd how the reputable, most sensible souls amongst us crisscross the divisions. Updated Nov 29, 2019 07:57am