Ahmad Fraz Khan

Battling locust invasion

A communication gap between officials and farmers has worsened the problem... Published Feb 03, 2020 07:11am

Wh(e)at a pity

It may take anywhere between four and five weeks to complete the wheat import process. By that calculation... Published Jan 27, 2020 07:02am

Fertiliser fears

THE world of agriculture looks bleak from the fertiliser’s point of view. Higher prices have impacted all crops,... Published Jan 06, 2020 07:07am

Supply concerns weigh on prices

Traders believe the government needs to allow the import of 200,000 to 300,000 tonnes of wheat, at least for Karachi. Updated Nov 12, 2019 07:33am

Aligned with provincial policy

The SDGs, which bind Pakistan — and Punjab by extension — to end hunger and malnutrition by 2030, have been ... Published Sep 23, 2019 07:04am

Mango galore

An increase in acreage and improvement in farming practices could double production in the next five years. Updated Sep 11, 2019 07:37am

Believing in miracles

Punjab’s agricultural growth strategy envisages increase in total factor productivity by 300pc and creation of 1.26 Published Jun 03, 2019 07:44am

Research rigmarole

AS experts put it, one word that defines agriculture research scene in Pakistan is ‘directionless’. It lacks sustained Published Apr 25, 2019 07:06am

Recycling policies

Barely eight months after notifying an agriculture policy, the Punjab government is at it again. Updated Feb 25, 2019 09:07am