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FOOD WASTAGE: Wasting food is a growing practice which has become a matter of great concern today. Wasting food,... Published 09 Dec, 2023 07:06am

Climate resilience

DURING a frank chat with a friend, I was surprised to know that every time it rains, Tharparkar turns lush green and... Published 02 Dec, 2023 06:58am


ENTRANCE TEST: Being a medical student, I have personally witnessed the immense challenges that Medical & Dental... Published 02 Dec, 2023 06:58am

Banking services

I AM an octogenarian maintaining my account at a bank in cantonment area for the last 23 years. The performance of... Published 02 Dec, 2023 06:58am

Level playing field

IN an effort to bring about a significant change in the assessment and exami-nation system, the Federal Board of... Published 02 Dec, 2023 06:58am

Paying heavily for reckless contracts

ONE of the main reasons often cited to rationalise high electricity charges is the high cost that has to be paid to... Published 02 Dec, 2023 06:58am

Fighting corruption

THE chief justice of Pakistan is making efforts to put the judicial system on the right track with the aim of... Published 01 Dec, 2023 07:41am

Spike in street crimes

ROBBERIES and street crimes have been on the rise for some time in Karachi. It is not that Karachi is the only city... Published 01 Dec, 2023 07:41am

A plan for PR

THE new chief executive officer (CEO) of Pakistan Railways (PR) has said that improving passenger services through... Published 01 Dec, 2023 07:41am

Illegal pharmacies

ILLEGAL and unlicensed pharmacies have been cropping up in Karachi for quite some time. Their existence has serious... Published 01 Dec, 2023 07:41am


NOBEL NOMINATION: There are reasons that justify the nomination of Ahed Tamim for the next year’s Nobel prize. She... Published 01 Dec, 2023 07:34am

Back to work

Betting on staff returning to work, Google has bought a $1bn worth building in London which will have ... Published 24 Jan, 2022 08:05am

Smooth vaccination

THIS is with reference to the letters ‘Vaccination and senior citizens’ (March 19) that talked of the many... Published 28 Mar, 2021 06:42am

News Brief

LAHORE: The Lahore Race Club (LRC) has decided to extend the postponement... Published 05 Apr, 2020 06:24am


A roundtable session with a delegation of eight scholars from Sichuan University, Chengdu, China, organised Published 18 Dec, 2019 07:27am