Shahrezad Samiuddin

What are our children watching?

With few options for TV programmes, movies or theatre, children are left with poor quality of entertainment Published Jul 31, 2016 07:15am

The business of drama

TV content is determined by revenues, ratings and is bogged down by a lack of creativity; can the small screen be Published Jun 26, 2016 07:09am

Crucial questions

Do people know what to do in case of a nuclear disaster? Published Nov 27, 2015 01:48am

The cure: education

Actions do not match pledges to rescue education. Published Dec 14, 2014 01:36am

Aurora Magazine: Talking the talk

As viewership of entertainment software picked up, TV show hosts took centre stage to bask in the spotlight this year. Published Dec 09, 2014 05:58pm

Dangerous and deadly

Whether they live in countries where abortion is legal or not, the reality is that women the world over have always... Published Jan 19, 2014 07:58am

Better sore than sorry

From boosting energy levels, to toning the body and from weight loss to improving one’s mood to fighting diseases,... Published Sep 15, 2013 08:57am

Show and tell

Are we turning charity into a media circus? debates Shahrezad Samiuddin ’Tis the season to be good, ’tis the... Published Jul 14, 2013 11:37am

Tiger, Tiger

Did anyone honestly expect that Tiger Woods’ teak cupboards would be skeleton-free? As the big bosses at Published Dec 12, 2009 01:56pm

The insidious Indian invasion

It has become fashionable to lament the insidious invasion of Indian ‘culture’ into our lives via our television... Published Dec 04, 2009 11:05am

The burqa vs. the 3.7

Much is being made of the letter Fifi Haroon sent Conan O’Brien of The Tonight Show regarding his comment about... Published Nov 26, 2009 12:18pm