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Attacking shrines and the culture of peace


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Allah, Farid, juhdi hamesha Au Shaikh Farid, juhdi Allah Allah. Acquiring Allah’s grace is the aim of my jihad, 0 Farid! Come Shaikh Farid! Allah, Allah’s grace alone is ever the aim of my jihad (Baba Guru Nanak Sahib to Baba Shaikh Farid Sahib)

The recent attack on Baba Fariddudin Ganj Shakkar’s shrine in Pakpattan was yet another brazen strike in the ongoing campaign of willful, malevolent and malicious attack on a section of society that believes in the teachings of pluralism and tolerance. Baba Farid, who is revered by Muslim, Sikhs and Hindus alike, is considered to be one of the founders of the Punjabi language in the thirteenth century. The message was unequivocal, “We will keep attacking if you continue with heretic practices and do not follow the interpretation in which we believe in.”

Neither the nature of the attack was new nor was the response of the authorities any different. It is already an established that militant organisations have been attacking whatever they consider ‘unIslamic’ according to their puritanical version of Islam. They do not just have a global agenda, rather they believe in imposing their own version of Sharia in the country.

The attacks on shrines have been taking place all over the country. In March 2005, 35 people lost their lives in a blast at the shrine of Pir Rakhel Shah in a remote village in Jhal Magsi district, Balochistan. In the same year in May, a suicide attack at Bari Imam Islamabad, a mausoleum that attracts people from above and across sectarian divides, took 20 lives and at least 100 people were injured. At first the attacks were mainly concentrated in areas adjacent to militancy-hit region. In December 2007, militants blew up the shrine of Abdul Shakoor Malang Baba near Peshawar. Next year in March, a 400-year-old shrine of Abu Saeed Baba was attacked by Mangal Bagh’s Lashkar-e-Islam with rockets in Shaikhan village of Sarband, which is adjacent to Bara Tehsil of Khyber Agency.  In the same year, 2008, militants detonated explosives in the shrine of Ashaab Baba on the outskirts of Peshawar. Surprisingly, some of these incidents have had little or no coverage in the media.

Then on March 5, 2009, what made headlines was the brazen attack on Rehman baba’s shrine in Hazarkhwani near Peshawar, where the famous Pashtun mystical poet is buried. Though no one was hurt in the attack, it was a rude awakening for many on how the militants have started attacking sites that are considered holy by many. The shrine’s watchman had been receiving threats from militants as many female devotees frequently visited the site. In May 2009, it was the shrine of Sheikh Omar Baba, which was hit.

In the current year, these attacks expanded to the other main cities of Pakistan. First in July, a barbaric attack at Data darbar in Lahore, and then in October  another devastating attack at Shah Ghazi shrine in Karachi led to scores of casualties.

Those who have been perpetrating such attacks are very clear in what they are doing. Sadly, we are not. This is not indiscriminate violence nor are these senseless attacks. The targets selected by the terrorists are symbolic in nature. This is an attack on the culture and practices followed by the majority. Yet our state of denial still exists. Even after all these years, we still hear statements like, ‘Who are these people?’ and, ‘They can not be Pakistanis’ and of course, ‘No Muslim can do it’ not only from common citizens but also from the authorities. There are people among us who very conveniently put the blame on ‘foreign elements.’ As we refuse to realise that we are in a state of war against an ideology of hate and intolerance, which very much threatens to subdue the majority, we will continue to be attacked by them. This ideology is practiced by only a few militant organisations and banned outfits. As long as we allow the few bigots to dictate to us what is right and what is wrong, we will continue to be terrorised.

It is very important to identify the culprits and make an example out of them. It may not be possible to provide fool-proof security to all the holy sites in the country and neither is this the solution. What needs to be done is to go after such terror networks irrespective of where they exist or whatever they are called. The judicial system should be overhauled in order to secure infallible prosecution of such criminals. It will be pertinent if the present wave of judicial activism is directed towards this cause. We have been listening to too many investigation inquiries being conducted but very few have actually produced the desired results. So far, the terrorists are scoring, as far as the reports in media are concerned, and we are just producing knee-jerk reactions.

Voltaire had rightly remarked more than two centuries ago, “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannise will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.”

Husham Ahmed is a public policy consultant, youth activist, and freelance writer. He blogs at and tweets at

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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Michael Nov 08, 2010 12:30am
Pradip, the Catholic Church has been struggling for 2.000 years now to accomodate, you are right. But we make a clear distinction between "worshipping" (which we pay to God and God alone), "special veneration (which we pay to Mary and Mary alone for her role as the viginal Mother of Jesus) and "Simple veneration" (wich we pay to all the Saints, who are our role models to look up to and imitate on this Earth. I truly wish that our Muslim brothers and Sisters will find and be allowed to feel at home without being afraid to pay the respect they feel in their hearts for those who have preceeded us on the way to Heaven. The true Faith is not that which is imposed by some religious authority but that wich flows from the very heart of the common people. Thanks for your understanding. You are a man of Peace
Khalid Khan Nov 07, 2010 03:19pm
To offer prayers, one does not have to go to a mosque - one could offer prayers anywhere, for example at a shrine. Likewise, to committ 'Shirk' one does not have to pay a visit to a shrine - one could be thinking of that while in a mosque. I've offered prayers at Mecca. I've offered prayers at Medina. And I've offered prayers at number of shrines. Everywhere I offered prayers, while in 'sajda', I know what I recited: Subhan e Rabbialala. There is ignorance on both sides of the isle. Perhaps we should focus on what is common rather than what is different.
Fawad Saeed Nov 07, 2010 04:47pm
@ALL:- you all are changing the topic. For a person to go to a ziarat and pay his/her respects might be un-islamic in eyes of some but that doesnot give anyone right to attack and kill them en mass. I am an adult, how do you know whats in my heart and why am i going to a shrine? I AM AN ADULT CAN YOU READ MY INTENTIONS? but in that disguise thy kill innocent women, children, elderly who so ever is there. lets not change the topic, this issue is naked murder not one showing up on mazars. No one has the right to declare himself a better muslim and issue HIMSELF a LICENCE TO KILL in name of Jihad. So when does this stop, do we dececrate the mosques of all the Sufis, Saints, Imams in entire Islamic world or do we keep this dance of death and destruction running, causing fitnah and fissad and killing each other, destroying the UMMAH from within. No one in Sharia has the right to kill anyone else EXCEPT in self defense. The Quran clearly states self defense and perservation in his articles of Jihad.
salim london Nov 07, 2010 10:24am
whether you call it mazar , shrine, or we call it peer or baba. The point is in my childhood time people would go to peer Baba , Saidu Baba and people would pray ( dawa, just to hold both hands up to dawa, pray) no body would sijda to them , sijda is only to Allah . some whould pray 2 rakat nafal pray for them. what I can't understand is that small minded people has taken law in to their ownd hand, they have become the jury , the judishiry and the excecutioners, the people who are against the peer , babas and shrine , they should camaign in sevelized way to prove their point , your way of islam you cant impliment by force , by blowing up these mizar shrines you will be called as extrmest or terrorest or anarchist . Why can't we live in peac and hormony with one in other Islam has not come by force.
PThind Nov 08, 2010 09:51pm
Very sad and hurt to know that Baba Farid is not liked and his shrine was attacked. As a Sikh, for me he was the holiest of the holiest saints. Down with organized religion. People should pray in whatever way they want to. I am amazed that it is even a debate.
GKrishnan Nov 03, 2010 05:27pm
Shailesh, you have a point. Sufism exists despite territorial borders. It may be an irrelevant statistic to determine how many Sufi shrines there are in India and in Pakistan, but I would hazard a guess that the numbers are balanced !
ahsan Nov 03, 2010 05:08pm
Shrine is bascially not a place of worship it is infact the last resting place for those whose teachings have helped in spreading the massage of islam by love and affection .. by telling peoples of other faiths that what bascially islam is and therefore their roles have given them the status of saints and people from across the world revered them for the contribution which has been made by them and in a way it is god gifted reward for their services
babu Nov 06, 2010 07:24am
Sufism was a link between the Hindus and the Muslims in the subcontinent . It helped islam to spread in an acceptable way.its shows tolerant,loving and creative muslims.The great musician and oscar winning A.R.Rehman was a hindu and was inspired to convert along with his family when he visited one of these shrines. Any religion has to evolve to accommodate changing times,accept other faiths,learn from them,and to put humanism as the top priority in this globalised world.
Bilal - UAE Nov 06, 2010 05:22am
Sahib, then you must have gone to a shrine during the night. first of all, do not address "muslims" on the whole, I do not go to a shrine, never have, I regard them no more than tomb, a grave. if I am going to pray, that is what mosques are for, I will go there, but we have seen in videos how people go there and cry and what not and they do not ask Allah, they are asking straight to that dead. Do not bring 'tradition' into religion. religion forbids all that what goes on in shrines, people are uneducated, even educated people are not behind and it's the pity of our nation that we believe in graves and think we will be 'blessed' through dead people. This pir-mureed culture can only be seen in Pakistan or less in India, have you noticed how rich these PIRs and their grandchildren are without having to work at all? this pir-mureedi is nothing but a business an the mass is to blame for that who thinks the deads can offer something to them. People are so focused on this that I have seen some going to saudi arabia, they visit madina and comes back and do not go to mecca, where it all matters and their point of view is "we visited the grave of Prophet pbuh and other sehaba, and we are done here".
Ankur_Delhi Nov 06, 2010 04:45am
The way I understand it is that any place of worship that idolises a person living or dead is disallowed in Islam. And since these shrines are a place to worship/pray to sufi saints, the taliban feel it is legitimate to target them.
Ghambir Nov 06, 2010 03:43am
I agree with the general consensus here, nobody has the right to look down or attack other people's faiths. Peace.
Muhammad Aslam Lashari Nov 03, 2010 10:25am
Great work done by Husham Ahmed, I wish to comments on "The judicial system should be overhauled in order to secure infallible prosecution of such criminals." The Judicial system is fully dependent on fool proof prosecution so The emphasis should be made on making sound evidences then after judicial system will give you results, otherwise it remains as it is. Our police / investigation agencies are not being equipped with latest tactics of modern age investigation. Rest the Personalities did their job and bestowed mercies of Allah.
Analytical Engine Nov 06, 2010 02:21am
Worshipping shrines is wrong.Nay shirk.However,you stop shirk by daawah and tabligh,not by blowing up yourselves in order to kill innocents,including children. As is said in the Qur'an,."Invite all to the way of your Lord by wisdom and Fair Preaching".
Analytical Engine Nov 06, 2010 02:17am
Extremists are brainless people, Mr. Kumar. That's why we long for sane thinkers like NFP, Husham Ahmed,etc.
Imran A. Nov 04, 2010 01:44pm
and hence the conflict begins.... the scholars and their Perpetrators NEED TO LEARN to mind their own business and stop this hatred. If the scholars are so sure of their knowledge, why has their knowledge betrayed their common sense and suggested killing innocent people in the most cowardly way possible as a "solution to spread their knowledge"?
pradip Nov 06, 2010 01:31am
I see two groups of people here - one group saying Mazaar (shrines) are graves only where people go to pay respect but not to pray; the other group says, it is not "right" for a Musalman to go to such places as pray there is not praying to the one and only God/Allah. We all know that idolatry is not allowed in Christianity either, yet, the churches, especially the Catholic ones are full of sculptures of Jesus, Mary and so forth. Clearly, the Church has reached an accommodation with practices of the pagan Roman and Greeks.
gp65 Nov 03, 2010 07:21pm
Why not let those Muslims decide where they should worship? At least they are not harming anyone else with their actions unlike these suicide bombers. In fact I would question worshipping in those mosques where the mullah is spreading the message of intolerance, hate and violence.
Tahir Rizvi Nov 05, 2010 10:32pm
It is very ugly face of terrorism in Pakistan where even Shrines and Mosques are no safer and are being targeted by the faithless and criminal terrorists. It is time that all Pakistanis unite and support Pakistani law enforcement agencies to restore peace in Pakistan. This is a fight for peace, law & order and survival of Pakistan as we all know it. We must show our resolve and determination to wipe out terrorism from Pakistan.
samyak gowda Nov 04, 2010 08:38am
This is just jingoism and not a solution.
Goga Nalaik Nov 04, 2010 08:18am
Dear Shakeel, We don't want islamic caliphate, it will complicate things and create more problems. Why don't you talk about secularism! Goga Nalaik
Shakeel Nov 04, 2010 07:20am
I have myself witnessed women going in sajda prayer infront of the grave at Baba Fariddudin Ganj shrine seeking fertility so that they can have children. It is a common sight so please do not deny that such acts do not happen.
Aryan Nov 04, 2010 06:24am
very well said.hope the leadership has the will to do this.
Akshay Nov 04, 2010 06:26am
Its none of anyones business if Muslims worship idols or dont. Everyone is free to choose what he or she wants. Who are you to judge?
Mohamed Amin Nov 03, 2010 08:57am
Please do not destroyed the Glorious name of Islam, Westerners and our neighbours are laughing, that Pakistan is gradually destroying their own peoples . No matter what is their faith believed May Allah give everyone and sense and PEACE. May God Bless Pakistan
Angelos Nov 04, 2010 06:24am
No doubt, horrible things are being done in shrines on the name of 'Practicing Islam', but it gives no one an authority to carry out suicide attacks there. Instead, prominent scholars should visit shrines or held lectures and tell people not to indulge in 'shirk' which sadly people are doing, like 'sajjda' to grave which even the saint/sufi in that particular shrine wouldnot have approved in any circumstance.
Akshay Nov 04, 2010 06:23am
I believe all this fundamentalism every where in the world is due to the cocktail of religion and politics. Religion should be seen by state and society as purely a person's relationship with God or a lack of it. The government must not put its nose or money into teaching/preaching/etc any religion. What is needed in Pakistan is the foundation of a truely SECULAR state with SECULAR politics to bring this thing to a logical end.
GKrishnan Nov 04, 2010 05:56am
We have to appreciate that the vast majority are positive and receptive to Sufism and the shrines. The Urs of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti attracts thousands from both sides of the border, and internationally too. .
Nadeem S Nov 04, 2010 04:31am
media is scared of the taliban.
Nadeem S Nov 04, 2010 04:29am
All Mullah top leadership should be invited to condemn these attacks on live TV, those who refuse should be arrested as traitors and enemies of the state. Spies should be sent into every mosque and madrassah and if a single mullah talks about attacking another sect or faith, or calling anyone heretic, then they should be arrested.
Swinder Singh Nov 04, 2010 03:49am
Whosoever go through the scriptures of Sufi saints he would find that they have a lotus of peace and love in their hand for everybody who want to take it over from them. The persons whose heart is sealed and eyes blinded in hate would attack them. May the almighty give them some sense of love.
Tahir Nov 04, 2010 03:56am
"Religion is a dope for the masses..." Brilliantly described. Agree with you entirely. About time we practiced it in our own hearts and at home without imposing it on others as to which sect / religion is superior or righteous. And let's all make a concerted effort to eradicate those "holier than thou bandits" who are making life unbearable for people and nations by taking them backwards to the stone age.
Patel Nov 04, 2010 03:53am
Dear Edmond, A Shrine is a place where pious person was buried, people goes to that place to mark the respect for person in Grave not to worship him(where most people goes wrong). In Islam no muslim can worship Idol or any other God Except Allah (Single God). These pious people Baba Fariddudin Ganj Shakkar has followed the way of Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed(s.a.w) and preach Universal Love and Brotherhood to whole humanity thats what the real message of Islam and that what the real message of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w). more than 75% whole muslim poplulation are non-arabs and among non-arabs more than 90% muslims are converted on the teachings and message conveyed by these pious people. Now fanatics are changing the message as per their beileif and killing innocent civilians and people and justfying themselves. May Allah Protect us all from this fitnah..Ameen
Shakeel.Quddus Nov 04, 2010 03:21am
No one wonders: who is the attacker? If a shia mosque is bombed, no one speculates if the culprit is Brahmin or a presbyterian Christian. Since no one is in a state of denial, then why the culprits enjoy the liberty? Welcome to the state of anarchy. The creators of this state of anarchy are fully aware of the significance of the shrine. The fact that the shrine is associated with culture is even more repulsive to the attackers. They see the connection between the Muslims with non-Muslims simply based on language. This association does not fit into the mind of a Fundamentalist. The Fundamentalist is always a seeker of purity. He will never rest. The problem is that he is almost successful. If the weak Government is topple, the mission is accomplished. The aim is to establish the Islamic caliphate. How exactly the Islamic caliphate would operate in a post-industrial and post Google world, no one knows?
Akil Akhtar Nov 04, 2010 03:20am
Respecting sufi Saints for their contribution and visiting their shrines to pay respect is one thing but praying to these sufis for salvation and everything else who were mere mortals is a shirk (against the basic principle of Islam). Islam is the belief in one God (Allah) and that there is no one equal to him and nothing in this universe moves without his will. Everyone is free to pray to any idol they want but then you can not call your self a Muslim.
Main Hoona Nov 04, 2010 10:22pm
I am totally agree with you,grave worshipping,peeo mureedo taaviz merchant is all bidaat,It is a totlally agaist fundamental pillar of Islam.Our Kalima start with only one god who is sutaner and provider,anything else is innovation and biddat and shirk.
Mohammad Azeez Hakim khan Nov 04, 2010 11:37pm
For the information of all, Muslims do not pray to, or worship the saints. We do not directly request the saints for our murad (wishes) . We offer nafl namaz and fatiha to Allah and request our murad from Allah olone for the sake of the Rasoolallah (prophet Mohammad) and the particular pir (saint) but we ask Allah the reward (sawab, pooniya) of those dua prayers be awarded to the prophet and pir. This is what muslims do. This is how its had been done traditionally all over the world where Indo-Pak people live including Fiji (Viti) , Burma, Guyana etc. Is this Shirk ??? Even at the grave sajadah is done to Allah not the grave of the pir , there may be some ignorant people who would be doing otherwise.
The reader Nov 05, 2010 07:19am
read better. the activities near these shrines have been taking place over many years yet reaction came very late! these attacks are considered senseless but the writer has truely given a wakeup call!
Edmond Nov 03, 2010 10:22am
Please correct me if I am wrong. A shrine is a place for people to worship idols, be it statues or graves of saints or pirs. Surely the basic tenet of Islam was to stop worshipping idols and all such idols were destroyed in Mecca at the inception of Islam as a religion. Should Muslims worship in shrines or mausoleum? Having said that, surely it does not give an opportunity for someone to take up the issue in their own hands and get themselves involved in acts of brutality and barbarism.
Cincorios Nov 03, 2010 12:56pm
Thank you Husham Ahmad for this blog, it is high time. The opening line by Guru Nanak is timeless and certainly timely in the current scenario. Thank You again. Religion is a dope for the masses and is being used to play divisive politics. I fear for the other shrines as well. People must stop sitting on the fence and openly reject the terrorist agenda. I do not believe for even a second that people are willing to shun a history of shrine culture over the say-so of certain unidentified holier than thou bandits. People may fear but not forego. "Surprisingly, some of these incidents have had little or no coverage in the media."- The media is also playing a dangerous game with the minds of people. Television has the power to change or influence public opinion. In this day and age the media can make or break a person similarly it can make insignificant news "BREAKING NEWS" while more serious issues, like the motive behind the attacks on shrines, is never discussed by the oh so wise panel of hosts on all those never ending talk shows!
shailesh Nov 03, 2010 01:06pm
actually no one should tell nobody what to worship. having said that , it was the sufism which has spread islam in many parts of the world. so the other 'muslims' should appreciate what they have done . the good example is A.R.Rehman who converted to islam because he was influenced with the teachings of sufi saints as well as their love for music.(which puritans hate)
Cincorios Nov 03, 2010 01:01pm
Well said Dalbir.
The reader Nov 05, 2010 06:28am
The man of Shrines on the judgement will held high as present in Quranic Verses and Hadees of Prophet S.a.w. No one prays to them, there is not a single piece of text present which has praying guidelines to the holy graves. So unless you are readers of intentions or ignorant of realities you may believe anything you may like to build upon. I had choose to reach ALLAH by remembering the dearest foot steps of Prophet S.a.w and his beloved companions on that ground
Dalbir Nov 03, 2010 11:21am
The misguided elements are defaming the name of Islam , Farid Shakkarganj should have been the last man on Earth to have been disliked by anybody . Such was his message of Universal Love & Brotherhood of whole mankind that he even attracted the likes of Guru Nanak . The writings of Sheikh Fareid are held in very high esteem by tens of millions of Sikhs who bow to it each day of their lives .
prashant Nov 03, 2010 01:56pm
Mia Husham Ahmed, Until you change the textbooks in your schools, this virus is going to spread.
N.K.Jeet Nov 04, 2010 03:08pm
The attack on the shrine of Baba Farid in Pakpattan is highly shocking and extremely deplorable. I have been reading the verses of Sheikh Farid since my childhood. He is respected equally by the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and other communities. His contribution to Punjabi language and its poetry is marvelous. We must understand that the fundamentalist forces in every religion, hate those places and personalities, which are universally respected, cutting across religious lines. We have witnessed this phenomenon at many places in India. The fundamentalists attacked those places which were symbols of composite culture, because they cannot see the people united forgetting their religions, caste & creed. In Punjab also a section of Hindu & Sikh clergy has been resorting to this. The responsibility to foil all such conspiracies against the humanity has fallen on our shoulders. These are trying times. Let us be steadfast & brave. We will surely join the whole humanity in one chain.
Nate Gupta Nov 03, 2010 03:17pm
The teachings of sufi saints have appeal for people across all religions. How can anyone justify the attack on the shrine when the message spread by Baba Shaikh Farid Sahib was of love and respect to all mankind. The presense of such divisive forces in the society must be frustrating to all the peace loving people. - Nate
Kabeer Nov 03, 2010 03:36pm
Edmond You are totally wrong shrine is not a place of worship of idols or graves. Shrines are the places where Muslim worship their God the only almighty Allah no Muslim in this world worship anything other than Allah please correct yourself and the sake of your knowledge there are two holy graves inside the hatim beside Kaba and Masjid - e- Nabwabi also house mausoleum of Prophet (PBUH) and both the places are most revered places in Muslim world. And further please correct your history Muslim did not destroyed any idols in Mecca at the inception of Islam except those idols which were placed inside the Kaba by the pagans because Kaba was built by the first Muslim i.e. Hazart Ibrahim (AS).
Imran A. Nov 03, 2010 08:27pm
I consider your article one step bolder than NFP's articles. Slowly but surely, the steps will pave it's way to a situation the rest of the Muslim world will not like, because the rest of the Muslim world has been converted to puritanical ideologies. If we take action against militants and their preachers, we will in fact be taking attacking their puritanical belief system.... I don't think we can do it! *Btw: Thanks for your article
sharma Nov 05, 2010 03:21am
There is no use of writing such articles in English only. The elites already know the truth. Its the masses who serve as source of terrorists and also their victims. People of Pakistan have to be aware of the dangers that confront them.
Vaadiaan Nov 03, 2010 08:55pm
I have never seen an idol in a shrine, and no one worships idols in shrine nor the graves. It is people like you who have spread the word that graves and pirs are worshiped in sufi shrines.
Balbir Singh Cheema Nov 04, 2010 06:49am
Thanks Husham, your bravery in writing this article is saluted by every Punjabi and every Sikh. Baba Farid has a very special place in Punjabi hearts. As you mentioned , Baba Farid was truly one of the early founders of the Punjabi language which led to the formation of the Punjabi identity and Punjabiyat as an ethnic and cultural identity. Such was his allure that his verses live in the Sikh's holiest bible, the Guru Granth Sahib. Baba Farid lives amongst us Punjabis forever. Amen
Cautious Nov 03, 2010 09:28pm
I totally agree with writer.goverment should ban JI
Saghir Khan Nov 04, 2010 02:00am
Mr Edmond you have presented a half researched and lazy argument. The Followers visit these revered shrines not to worship them as idols but to pay respect to them as there teachings are universal and based on tolerance, pluralism and patience. These teachings are the very basic of Sufism. Sufism does not require you to worship idols but the saints such as Baba Farid Shakar Ganj, Bari Imam and Baba Guru Nanak etc source of inspiration for the masses in Sub-continent.
Ayesha khan Nov 04, 2010 04:02pm
Are these 'horrible' things which are done in the name of Islam worse than suicide bombings in places of worship, in markets, in playgrounds? What about those mosques where the mullahs are teaching illiterate young Pakistanis to practice terror in the name of Islam? There is no doubt in my mind about who is doing worse things in the name of Islam. As long as these people do not force you to go to these shrines or prevent you from your own worship, then Islam does not ask you to interfere in any way, There is no force in Islam. You should understand that. The time of prominent scholars is better spent in going to the mosques where hatred is being spread and teaching them that according to Quran 'killing even one innocent person is like killing all humanity'.
Vasu Nov 05, 2010 07:48pm
Today, is a sad day for Pakistan and for peace loving people in the world. In the name of their interpretation of religion, some criminal elements in Pakistan have violently attacked and killed ordinary religious people at the darga of Baba Farid, who was one the greatest saints of Punjab and world. In doing so, they have dishonored themselves and the nation. The people who have done this have no religion. Now, even the chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has openly declared that he is hand in glove with these criminal terrorists. When will Pakistani people say enough is enough and stand up to these people? Where is the outpouring of public condemnation in Pakistani blogs, media and politics against these heinous acts?