The talkative boy

‘The talkative boy’ by Mohammad Bilal Arshad (April 6, 2013) was a great story and an important lesson for those chatterboxes who always remain occupied in talking aimlessly. This nasty habit, most of the times, becomes a cause of great embarrassment for them. To talk when there is no need to talk and to remain silent and listen carefully to someone is a habit we all must adopt. By not doing this, some ‘busybodies’ tend to miss essential information that make them suffer sooner or later. Rizwan Ghani, Via email A bit of poetry

‘A bit of poetry’ by Gulrukh Tausif (YW, April 6, 2013) was really very interesting read. I learnt a lot about poetry writing through this article. Thank you Young World for providing us with such informative stuff to read. Asma Jabeen,Karachi Young World I am a regular reader of Young World. Every weekend I wait for it and enjoy reading every bit of it. Every week, I find it more improved than before. New columns and addition of stuff like riddles, facts and jokes make Young World even more interesting as such little pieces are not only appealing to read but also convey lots of useful information to the readers. Shazia Manzoor, Turbat Art corner

‘Art corner’ is one of the best sections of Young World that gives children an opportunity to showcase their drawing and colouring abilities. I appreciate the Young World team for encouraging kids, especially the younger ones aged 4-10. This is the ideal age for mental growth and children who get an opportunity to indulge in creative exercises during these years become smarter and more skilful. Shahab Haider, Turbat Word search

The most interesting section I find in Young World is ‘Word search.’ With the help of this section, I learn many words every week and the practice of finding words in the block gives my mind a healthy exercise. Rukhsana Abdul Nasir, Turbat Wonders of the Modern World

My favourite column in Young World is ‘Wonders of the Modern World’. With the help of this column, I got to know a lot about amazing modern buildings around the world. Such articles are always useful to read and I appreciate the efforts of the Young World team for bringing to us informative articles every week. Masooma Junaid, Karachi Time is money

Today, most of us have become careless and usually try to find the easy way to success without realising the problems we will face. For a good life we need to be properly organised. Many of us do not value time. ‘Time is money’, we would never get a chance to go back in time and correct our errors. So instead of living a life with regrets, we should live it with satisfaction. If we try from today to improve ourselves, we would surely be a role model for others to follow. Abdullah Gulab, Islamabad Strikes and education

I would like to draw the attention of everyone towards a significant issue. Life in Karachi seems imperfect without cessation of work due to strikes. In March, we students didn’t have a single consistent week of studies in our educational institutions without interruption by closures and strikes. Due to these closures, students suffer and so does the whole educational system. We are compelled to rote learning as teachers are trying to cover massive syllabus as fast as possible. If such bad circumstances persist any longer, we will be no more able to yield any good result in the future. I request the concerned people to look into the law and order situation in the city to make it better and ask all strike-caller to find some other ways to protest and let us live in peace. Maliha Khan, Karachi Overcome your weaknesses

What is a weakness? Something that holds you back from your ambitions is a weakness. We all have one or more weaknesses and that holds us back until we overcome it. Once you discover your weakness, it is time to utilise your strengths to defy your weaknesses. So never let your weaknesses become a hurdle in your way of success. You have a weapon to put it down. Your strength! Recognise it, utilise it. Noor Amjad, Lahore

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