Former PMs Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and Raja Pervez Ashraf addressing to a press conference at Zardari House.

ISLAMABAD: The PPP has never been provided a level playing field in the country’s electoral history, say former prime ministers Raja Pervez Ashraf and Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani.They were speaking at a news conference at the Zardari House on Thursday with leaders of Islami Tehreek-i-Pakistan (ITP), who announced support of their party for the PPP in the coming general elections.

The ITP chief, Allama Sajid Naqvi, was represented at the press conference by the party’s secretary general, Allama Arif Hussain Wahidi.

Mr Gilani warned against any move to delay the elections, saying postponement would be bad for the country. He said the PPP was committed to free‚ fair and transparent elections and that it would not tolerate delay of a single day.

In reply a question about the bad security situation in the country, he said elections were held even after the World War II and during the Iraq War. “Why should elections not be held in Pakistan in this situation.”However, he added, the government should provide security to candidates.

Mr Gilani said despite all problems and conspiracies the government had completed its five-year term and credit for it must go to the PPP. It was because of the 20th amendment in the constitution that an impartial caretaker government was in place, he observed.

When a reporter sought his comments over the failure of the government to arrest retired Gen Pervez Musharraf despite the court’s order, he said: “No comments.”

Mr Ashraf, who has conditionally been allowed to contest the May 11 elections by the Lahore High Court, said under article 63 of the constitution‚ a person could only be disqualified if he had been convicted by a court. He said he had neither been convicted by any court nor was there any case against him.

He said the PPP had given democracy and independent judiciary to the nation.

Mr Ashraf predicted that no party would be able to get absolute majority in the elections. “Those parties who can accommodate each other will form the (future) government,” he added.

The former prime ministers announced that the PPP would cooperate and make seat adjustments with the ITP in the elections.

Allama Wahidi said his party would cooperate with the PPP for the betterment of the country and strengthening of democracy.

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Comments (6)

Amjad Wyne
April 19, 2013 2:42 am
What do they mean by this? They had the country at their disposal during the last five years - ruled the entire country - what else do they want?
April 19, 2013 5:44 am
These people have looted and robbed the country blind, and now they are complaining of "playing field" I wonder what game do they want to play next? If Pakistani Nation Elect them to power again, they will truly deserve them, I'm sorry to say.
April 19, 2013 6:12 am
Well, well...since 1970 the PPP has ruled this country from 1971-77, from 1988 to 1990, from 1993 to 1996 and from 2008 to 2013...
April 19, 2013 10:42 am
"However, he added, the government should provide security to candidates."... as if he had provided the security to the nation in 4.5 years of his rule
Salim Akbani
April 19, 2013 1:04 pm
They were given a chance to serve their country. Instead they served their own feudal interests and their friends, starting with Zardari. These people will not looked up favorably in history. They are passing of the feudal generation to a new generation of Pakistanis who will not accept these element amongst them anymore. Hope they lose big.
April 19, 2013 1:53 pm
Next five years Govt and ppp will make it, inshallah, jalney waley jaltey reh jaain gain
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