I HAVE been misquoted by Safir A. Siddiqui (April 1). Quoting my letter (March 27) in your esteemed daily, he writes: “...he has expressed his exasperation as regards special perks and privileges being enjoyed by fighter pilots and which are not available to education corps officers.”

This is untrue. I never wrote anything like that. I wrote “When we joined the air force, we became aware of the disparity (in emoluments) but, as Mr Anwer said, we considered it right and never made it an issue.”

Then quoting me, he mentions career progression and goes on to compare the nature of the job of a fighter pilot with that of an education officer. For the information of all, the nature of their jobs are world apart and the question of comparison just does not arise.

Career progression is always based on the number of years of service and examination and courses qualified.

My point was that if education officers were not ‘children of a lesser god,’ their career progression should not stop at a rank lesser than the other branches when they reach the seniormost rank in their branch.

He also suggested that education officers should not be in uniform and they should just be called lecturers and professors. The education officers would be just too pleased with that, but the air force arrived on this conclusion after a great deal of consideration of the options available.

Has this gentleman thought of the plethora of disciplinary problems alone that could arise because of being in civvies?


Updated Apr 05, 2013 05:05am

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Apr 05, 2013 11:02am
Education Officers in the Armed Forces of Pakistan have always been under the impression that they are more educated then their counterparts in combat areas. In some cases that may be true but then again, how can an education officer become a commander without appropriate combat training? Now if they would like to be in civies so that their egos will not be injured when they have to salute a senior rank, they can pursue that.
JP Singh
Apr 05, 2013 05:33pm
Its a fruitless issue to debate. They are different careers and cant be equated. What the wing commander has said is true - put them in civies and you have a big headache at your hands.