KARACHI, April 4: The National People’s Party announced on Thursday the names of its 38 candidates contesting the general elections for national and provincial assemblies on different seats.

The names of nine candidates contesting for the national assembly seats and the constituencies from which they are contesting are these: Shaheryar Shar (NA-200), Dr Ibrahim Jatoi (NA-202), Manthar Jatoi (NA-205), Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi (NA-211), Ghulam Rasool Aqib Jatoi (NA-212), Zulfiqar Jamali (NA-213), Munawar Qadir Jatoi (NA-214), Waseem Rajput (NA-221) and Mukhtiar Shah (NA-232).

The names of 22 candidates contesting for the Sindh Assembly seats and their constituencies are these: Zulfiqar Jatoi (PS-1), Ameer Ali Jatoi (PS-2), Zulfiqar Jatoi (PS-3), Shaheryar Shar (PS-5), Riaz Shar (PS-7), Naeem Jatoi (PS-11), Abid Jatoi (PS-12), Ghulam Rasool Aqib Jaoti (PS-19), Asif Shah (PS-20), Abrar Shah (PS-21), Arif Jatoi (PS-22), Masroor Jatoi (PS-23), Ghaffar Qureshi (PS-24), Mohammad Ali Khan (PS-25), Imran Rind (PS-26), Mujahid Jatoi (PS-35), Ali Hassan Jatoi (PS-47), Ali Nawaz Talpur (PS-53), Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi (PS-74), Razzak Khushk (PS-88), Lal Khan Shar (PS-126) and Raza Abbas (PS-130).

Shahjehan Mangrio will contest for the reserved seat for women in the National Assembly.

Lubna Lodhi, Rahila Tiwana, Sofia Shah and Misbah Lodhi will contest for the reserved seats for women in the Sindh Assembly.

Eidandas Choithram and Nandlal Lalchand will contest for the reserved seats for minorities in the Sindh Assembly, according to a list of candidates issued by NPP information secretary Zia Abbas.

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Explore: Indian elections 2014
Explore: Indian elections 2014
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How much do you know about Indian Elections?
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