Lack of civic sense

Published Apr 02, 2013 05:01am

THIS is apropos of Sarfaraz Samad’s letter ‘ Lack of civic sense’ (March 29). I also believe that civic sense or the lack of it is a topic that has been widely discussed and argued in our society. Somehow, most of the people do not care much for civic sense. The writer has highlighted issues as regards spit marks, urine, vulgar graffiti, random garbage and overflowing sewers at every nook and cranny of his city, but these are common problems of our cities, towns and even small villages. So, in my opinion, well-wishers of our society should join hands with each other to address these issues, and now is the appropriate time for national reunion in this regard.

Being a voter, we can make groups and can bring these issues on the forum of discussion before going to vote someone. The main point should be the question as to which candidate can introduce good governance for resolving the issues pertaining to civic sense. More and more discussions will help us to solve these problems as well as we will be able to choose a good candidate for our better future.

Owing to lack of civic sense many of us are unaware of hygiene problems.

ZULFIQAR KHAKI     Hyderabad

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Agha Ata (USA)
Apr 02, 2013 01:20pm
Civic sense should start from schools, and all parents (at least, mothers) should attend this class, maybe once a week. And such classes should be taught by senior teachers or generalists. Media can help a lot.
Sarfaraz Samad
Apr 03, 2013 02:33pm
Thanks for reply.... Change will start within us Inshallah