ATTOCK: As general elections are just a week away, painters, printers, hoteliers, rent-a-car operators, catering and tent service providers are doing a roaring business here.

Besides, electioneering has also increased the demand for labourers and other daily wagers.

Since the start of election process, the painters and printing presses have been busy printing various types of publicity material of the candidates round the clock.

But their business picked up pace with electioneering.

This also enhanced the sale of inks and paper material, with it their demand, hence their rates went up.

Colourful posters, portraits and banners prepared by painters and printers have decorated each and every wall of the streets, vehicles and respective election offices of candidates taking part in polls.

Panaflex banners manufactures are particularly doing roaring business. They are flooded with the orders and have to work day and night to complete them.

They had received the orders two months prior to elections.

However, this time the sizes of posters, banners and hoardings, as approved by the Election Commission of Pakistan, are 2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 9ft and 3ft x 5ft. Previously it used to be 10ft x 20ft, 15ft x 45ft and 20ft x 60ft.

A local painter, Raju and some local printing press owners told Dawn that the election season had increased their business by 200 per cent. They said the boom in business had made them to hire daily wagers.

They have been working round the clock since the start of election campaign last month.

Most of the painters and printing presses prefer to do work on cash instead of credit, as after the election, catching defeated candidates becomes an uphill task, they observed.

Such as, hoteliers, catering and tent service providers are also making money by providing their services at the election offices and meetings of contesting candidates.

Similarly, vehicles are being hired by the candidates for their election campaign from local rent-a-car operators.

Even the local cable operators and movies makers are doing good business by airing advertisement and making videos of corner meetings of the candidates.

No doubt, electioneering has provided job to many jobless people. They are hired by the candidates for canvassing and running their election affairs.— Yaqoob Malik

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Explore: Indian elections 2014
Explore: Indian elections 2014
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How much do you know about Indian Elections?
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