PCB should sack “overrated” Whatmore: Khan

Published Feb 28, 2013 09:30am

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“Both coach and captain are fighting for survival. They should have a plan and a vision with which they should leave the team on a firm footing but I can't see any plan. Instead, they keep their interests before the team.” -File photo

KARACHI: Former Pakistan captain Moin Khan Thursday demanded the sacking of national coach Dav Whatmore following the team's 3-0 whitewash by South Africa, saying a local man should replace him.

Pakistan’s chance to hit back Happily hunting Misbah

Pakistan flopped miserably against the world number one Test team, losing the first Test by 211 runs, the second by four wickets and the last by an innings and 18 runs.

Whatmore masterminded Sri Lanka's triumph in the 1996 World Cup and led minnows Bangladesh to their first-ever Test series victory and their first appearance in the World Cup Super Eights in 2007.

But Khan said he was not up to the job.

“Whatmore is an overrated coach,” Khan told AFP.

“There is a concept in Pakistan that a foreigner will not get involved in players' politics but Whatmore is now fighting for survival.”

Former Australian batsman Whatmore took over in March last year and led Pakistan to the semi-finals of the World Twenty20 tournament, but he has come under fire after two successive Test series defeats.

Khan, who managed only four wins in his 13 matches as Pakistan captain, said Sri Lanka's World Cup win in 1996 owed more to its players than Whatmore.

“Ask any player of that team and he will tell you that in 1996 Sri Lanka had world-class players and their success was due to their players and not because of the coach,” said Moin.

Khan also criticised Test and one-day captain Misbah-ul Haq.

“Both coach and captain are fighting for survival. They should have a plan and a vision with which they should leave the team on a firm footing but I can't see any plan. Instead, they keep their interests before the team.”

Pakistan has never been short of cricketing talent but the national team has suffered over the years from bickering and infighting. Khan, who played 69 Tests, said a foreign coach could not communicate with the players properly.

“When a foreigner is our coach, our players have a communication problem and the coach is also unable to brief the players on their mistakes and it's a big problem,” said Khan, a member of the World Cup-winning team in 1992.

Khan said the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had blundered in replacing Mohsin Khan with Whatmore last year.

“Pakistan players were happy in Mohsin's coaching,” said Khan of the former coach, under whom Pakistan routed the then-world number one Test team England in January last year.

“If Whatmore doesn't resign himself, then the PCB should sack him,” he added.

Pakistan play the first of two Twenty20 internationals against South Africa at Durban on Friday. They also play five one-day internationals on the tour.

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Comments (51) (Closed)

Mushtaq Ahmad
Feb 28, 2013 11:11am
PCB needs to train player for international level and for that , foreign coach is suitable rather than pakistani
Mar 01, 2013 06:08am
Mar 01, 2013 06:07am
Not a huge fan of Moin Khan as an analyst but agree with him on Whatmore. The guy is just as bad as was Lawson. Why cant we attract someone like the calibre of Gary Kristen, Andy Flower and not the old and outdated coaches like Whatmore who are here to make money only. Waqar was a good coach but unfortunately he was way too biased and also got involved in political games within the team. K.Akmal should only focus on his batting as keeping is out of his abilities, I guess even Asad Shafique in ODI can do better with gloves.
Feb 28, 2013 03:26pm
It's not Mohsin, it's Moen who is goofing us to sack Whatmore.
Mar 01, 2013 05:49am
I am deeply disappointed by Moin Khan's comments. I have great respect and admire for this great Pakistan wicket keeper. But his analysis lacked appropriate reasoning. I thought, he will analyse the situation better. Now, lets see, that Pakistan played the best ranked Test team in their courtyard. The two world's best ranked Test bowlers are from SA (Steyn and Philander). On the other hand, Pakistan lacks decent Test openers since last few decades now. So, considering the two simple above facts, who in his/her sane mind thought that Pakistan will beat SA in SA. Yes, I agree, there were poor performances, both with bat and ball, but this does not mean we 'shake and break' what we have and do not provide them another opportunity. SA will pay return visit to Emirates (our home grounds) in October and play 2 Tests. Let's wait and see!!
Mar 01, 2013 05:30am
I disagree with MK. the coach can only tell the players what to do and then it is upto the batsmen and bowlers to deliver.
Feb 28, 2013 07:14pm
thats nonsense, i say let dave whatmore select the playing 11, u will see the difference, keep him out of your dirty politics.
Mar 01, 2013 05:10am
"Mr. Khan, who managed only four wins in his 13 matches as Pakistan captain" What does his track record show? Secondly, players are not at fault. They are playing their almost after 4 years against world No.1 team. Mr.Khan at least Misbah has better winning rate then your captaincy performance.
Adnan A
Feb 28, 2013 11:07am
It was during Mohsin Khan's as Head coach that Pakistan lost lost ODI against England. Is he trying to get even because he lost his job as Head coach of Pakistan.
Aamir Cheema
Feb 28, 2013 06:58pm
and appoint you as coach or Miandad who has great links with under ground world, is not it the same whatmore who guided Lanka to world Cup victory. come on Moin be a sport.
Feb 28, 2013 03:06pm
AM asking question to PCB where is world's Best Al rounder Abdul Razzaq why he is not playing, why Pakistan not selected in national Team, He is Match Winner and He is deserved as Captain too.
Mar 01, 2013 04:48am
Selectors must prefer merit. Why Imran Ferhat, Malik and Misbah are there?
Mar 01, 2013 04:46am
Other things are Okay but Hafeez have been performing well. Yes, in this series he has failed miserably.
Feb 28, 2013 01:14pm
Pakistan does not have enough talent - how else would your describe cries for Kamran Akmal's re-induction in the team. I mean if Kamran Akmal is the best we have then surely Pakistani nation DOES NOT possess ANY talent at all.
Feb 28, 2013 03:29pm
I never trusted Moen for supporting groups in the team in his playing days. I have lost even the iota of respect for this selfish guy as he doesn't seem to care for Pakistan's interest.
Karachi Wala
Feb 28, 2013 01:25pm
I 100 % agree with you. I strongly suggest that while PCB has a code of conduct for current cricketers, they should have one such document for ex so called greats cricketers. It should have provisions to fine such hypocrites as well. Also, these days cheap TV shows run by ordinary reporters like, Iqbal Baig, Yahyya Hussaini, Majid Bhatti, Waheed Khan, Nasim Rajput ( I emphasize on reporters not journalists) bring on ordinary cricketers like Moin who do not look at their own records and criticize just for the sake of criticizing and jealousy. By judging his own wicket keeping records (he was just another Kamaran Akmal when it came to dropping catches, missing stump, in short plain bad wicket keeping) he did not deserve to represent Pakistan and here he is criticizing Dave Whatmore who has a proven record as coach. I remember same cricketers criticizing late Bob Woolmer who knowing them very well just smiled and shrugged them off. The same cricketers keep praising Mohsin Khan the coach, they forget, Mohsin got lucky as all the hard work was already done by Waqar Younis. Under Mohsin Pakistn either beat minnows or Pakistan beat England and SL in Dubai/Abu Dhabi because of the brilliance of Ajmal and Rehman. The batting and coaching had nothing to do with it. Also England and SL suffered Pakistan syndrome in those series as they could not chase very small targets. I request PCB and ICC to ban yellow journalism and there should be a screening system for the cricketers before they appear on TV as expert and commentators.
Khan Baba
Mar 01, 2013 02:33am
Moin - you have contradicted yourself by saying that in 1996 SL won the WC because of its star players. Therefore, this Pakistan team is not winning because it doewsn't have star players. Coach doesn't play the crap shots like our batsmen play - lime Nasir in first test and Misbah in the 2nd test and many more. Please be sensible - this Pakistan team cannot win in SA when you players like Hafeez in the team and that is a fact.
Feb 28, 2013 04:15pm
story of every Pakistani's life..... Blame everyone else ... It's never our problem. It's always someone else. We can never do wrong. .... Good luck to us us the "Dead Nation." Keep blaming other's..
Khan Usafzai
Mar 01, 2013 01:36am
Pakistan is lacking in batting talent ... we are not producing any good batsmen for long time now ... The bowlers are also not much left in the bank .... Our fast bowling department is lacking big time ...we need a bunch of new players in the playing team n as back up and that too consistent ...
Syed W. Ali
Mar 01, 2013 01:18am
Moin Khan wants to have a place in PCB. That's all. Pakistan is an improved team since Whatmore took over. If they are not good enough to beat SA in SA, then accept the fact that Pakistan needs to continue the search for good players. Why not pick on Hafeez? Thanks for showing your true face Mr Moin Khan.
Mar 01, 2013 12:39am
So, there is isn't a "better coach" in a country of nearly 200 million people ? Not counting the old greats... recently though.. Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, Saeed Anwar, Saqlain Mushtaq, Rashid Latif, Ijaz Ahmad, Mustaq Ahmed, Mudasar Nazar, Javed Miandad.. These are all from Pakistan and well qualified for any role in the PCB, particularly that of selectors or as the "mentors" for selectors.
Feb 28, 2013 09:44am
Moin Khan is just a bitter individual. Our batsmen lack technique to play swing bowling. I do agree with him though on Misbah. Pakistan needs a captain who is aggressive. Misbah just waits for things to happen. Poor stuff really
Mar 01, 2013 01:53pm
Get batsman who can play with some technique and IQ. Its not Dav's fault that guys like Hafeez and Azhar are considered the best available in Pakistan. In 80s and 90s, these guys won't even make top 30 but now they are permenant members of test team! Only Junaid, Taufeeq, Yonus, Shafiq and Ajmal belong in test team...not much of a team if you think that there was no Junaid and Taufeeq available.
Feb 28, 2013 06:38pm
Who cares what moin khan says -; Pakistan need to groom youngster along with experienced player. - Otherwise, we will be soon like newzeelanders. Need to find another Mohammad Amir.
Indian fan
Feb 28, 2013 06:40pm
Abdul Razzaq was threat to Hafeez's position in squad.Razzaq is matchwinner and can change the course of match with his own batting and bowling.Hafeez was not feeling safe having Razzaq in team as his position as player in side was threatened.
Adnan farid
Feb 28, 2013 10:32pm
its just a game ... why so serious?
Feb 28, 2013 10:32pm
I disagree with Moin and most of the people who commented over here. I think Pakistani players are not used-to these South African wickets. They need to give there players enough practice in such conditions before the start of a tour. Even the so called best batting line in the world 'the indians' would come up with the same kind of performances in these conditions. We need to improve our wickets and standard of cricket at first-class level to compete against the best sides in the world.
Feb 28, 2013 08:44pm
you must be out of your mind for asking for Abdul razzaq, his glory days are over and he needs to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the show. This is the very same mentality that is keeping spent forces like Malik, Misbah, Gul, and Hafeez around. No wonder PCB is in shambles .............
Feb 28, 2013 08:48pm
You got that one right Capt C M...........Mohsin is beating his own drums and he does not know that he got lucky when team won under his coaching against England. He is talking about self interest of Whatmore and Misbah .......woo what a joke he is, while beating his own drums..............after all he was never a world class batsman either...............
Feb 28, 2013 08:50pm
you nailed it buddy............could not have said any better..............
Muba Khan
Feb 28, 2013 08:51pm
Read the article agian, he was in the team who won the world cup
Capt C M Khan
Feb 28, 2013 12:04pm
Biased comment. Coach is as good as the players provide, he is not the SELECTOR. In a country where PARCHEE SYSTEM is doing so well, what else can you expect. We have the worlds worst wicket keeper Kamran, worlds worst all rounders Afridi and Malik, worlds worst opener Hafeez long before Whatmore Mr Mohsin, talk some sense please and give good suggestions. Thanks
Syed Imran Ali
Feb 28, 2013 01:47pm
Yeah Mr Anwar they are just playing cricket like street boys they will come home without a victory and apologise to the nation thats all .......ridiculous!!
Feb 28, 2013 12:43pm
All the arm chair experts are at it again!! Even the so called expert have been players!! Please lets get on with the game. Having said that, it's time for a couple of tired bodies to hang up their boots. But give them a civilized send off in acknowledgement of their contribution to Pakistan cricket in its most turbulent period after the spot fixing and criminal case and prison sentence saga. And no politicking required, leave the coach alone, he can only do so much, once in the field its all up to the players. We should also try and revive the Eaglets style tours of yesteryear. Teams of promising youngsters may be sent on overseas tours to England and South Africa, to play and learn the game and get used to conditions. This will create a talent pool for the future. But please only talented and promising youngsters from every corner of the country, no sifarishi joyriders.
Feb 28, 2013 01:06pm
Moin Khan who? Over rated batsman/ Over rated wicket keeper/ Over rated commentator/ Over rated Analyst.....
Feb 28, 2013 02:55pm
Who cares what you say Mr Moin Khan!
Feb 28, 2013 11:28am
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad
Feb 28, 2013 10:43am
Yes, what Moin Khan has said is 100 percent correct. Heads must roll immediately if PCB and its 'movers and shakers' want the 'green-shirts' to start winning. Both the captain and the coach must voluntarily resign if they are smart enough to read the actual 'writing on the wall' as they say. However, most probably, they are not going to resign themselves and will be forced to do so by PCB. When will that happen? I leave the answer to the educated, mature, enlightened and enduring readers of this great 'Dawn' forum.
Azam Qadeer
Feb 28, 2013 05:52pm
need pakistani coach like Mohsin. When moshin was part take look at the record also make Misbah cap for 3 three form for next 2 years and groom Hafeez
Afif Naeem
Feb 28, 2013 03:27pm
Moin Khan was a good wicket keeper and a batsman. Analyst I am not so sure of.
muzammil ullah khan
Feb 28, 2013 10:19am
pretty ridiculous ! the coach cannot perform miracles ! you give him third rate material and expect him to turn them into a first class team . why cant we grow up and accept the fact that we lack talent and we have to take steps to promote and groom youngsters in universities , colleges and schools. that is the job of the organization looking after the cricket affairs . the coach can only assist the players to perform a little better and guide them in technical matters .
Mar 01, 2013 12:35pm
Please spare us, at-least now when you are no longer part of the cricket team. We already have had enough of you.
Feb 28, 2013 10:00am
Such a hypocrite, On one side he said Whatmore doesn't deserve praise for SriLankan's victory in Worldcup then why is to be blamed for our defeat when our players can't play on bouncy pitches for years. Writer has rightly described Moin's own performance 4 out of 13 win in his captaincy..
Feb 28, 2013 09:48am
Says the guy who has won less tests than Misbah Ul Haq. Moeen Khan, please spare us the trash talk and go mind your own business. This team is wonderful, the captain is wonderful, I like the camaraderie and don't really want anything changing due to fickle Pakistani behavior. We can take our team's victories and losses in the same stride without creating fissures. So please stop your politicking agenda and let them play cricket.
zakaria saleem,
Feb 28, 2013 05:18pm
I meant we need batting depth.We need batting talents to come through
akhter husain
Mar 01, 2013 03:19pm
Moin Khan says that the world cup win of Sri- Lankan was not due to Whatmroe's coaching but he thinks the failure of Pakistani team is due to the coach.What an analysis?
Mar 01, 2013 07:25pm
Just like Intikhab Alam had no role to play in Pakistan's 1992 triumph. Pakistan has never won a series in SA and the same was to happen this time. Pak fans just expected a bit of a fight and Pak came close in the second test. Problem is Pakistan's batting lineup as bowlers did good job overall. chief culprit is Misbah along with Azhar Ali. Both of them don't know how to attach and can last longer on dead pitches but their fragility against top class bowling has been exposed. None of this is the fault of coach if the selected talent is poor.
Mar 01, 2013 10:35pm
ok Moin, sounds but and what about some half a dozen highly overrated real culprits - Afridi, the Akmals, Hafeez, Shoaib Malik etc?
Mar 02, 2013 05:41am
Pakistani players must learn English rather Whatmore learning urdu. They must repeatedly view opposition players video and learn to combat their strategy both in batting and bowling. No shortcuts to that.
Mar 02, 2013 06:16am
All but lame, these so called analysts, mostly on our media ppl try to build their repute wd such hard hitting comments. To start with Pakistan has never ever performed well in foreign conditions, and esp when the batting line up that we have is still novice wd exception of few players i feel its quite harsh to blame Whatmore, he wd Julian Fountain have done wonderfully well we are a far better fielding side now. Although team selction baffles me, selecting sarfraz for this tough tour was never going to help pakistans chances and other bowlers that we took wd us and called as replacement was undigestable when you ignore likes of Aizaz Chema & Wahab Riaz who have been constatly performing in domestic circuit. Good luck Team Pakistan !
Mar 02, 2013 06:40am
Yes, the coach can only tell the players, but the problem here is that who is listening or understanding? So, her goes the fact that we need only local coaches. I am sorry, but this is the reality!