Power of smile

Once in some faraway land there were two villages, spread on both banks of a wide river. A stranger’s eye could hardly spot any difference between both settlements: equally fertile fields, same abundance of berries and mushrooms in forests and fish in the ponds, and even the problems and challenges of the villagers were of the similar kind — to nicely bring up and educate the children, earn decent living and gain respect of the community. However, in reality, the life of the villagers differed drastically. The residents of the first village were optimistic, content and happy people. Their mornings started with anticipation and gratitude for the new day. They always tried to focus on good things and spent the day appreciating and enjoying it. They liked to smile and laugh, and that was why they never looked distressed or worried. Even if some obstacles came along their way, instead of sulking over downs of life, they used to tackle them with a smile on their faces, and never let the troubles ruin their attitude. What was more, the sky above this village was almost always clear and sunny. The villagers on the other side of the river were very serious people. No one ever saw them smiling. In fact, it seemed they had absolutely forgotten what the word “smile” stood for! They were all the time grieving about their failures and, as their minds were always filled with the agony and sadness, they were unable to come up with solutions to conquer their problems (majority of which were actually not so grave). Because of their never-ending complaints and depressing atmosphere, even the sky above the village remained always nasty and overcast. This was how their days passed. Maybe their miserable life would continue for many-many years more, when one day an incredible, yet very amazing event took place! Actually, there accumulated so many smiles in the joyful village, that there were left not enough faces for all the smiles, so those “extra” smiles fluttered here and there like birds. But as the ultimate wish of every smile is to bring joy to his owner, happily beaming on his lips, it was normal that some smiles left the village in quest of a new face. Once one of the boldest and brightest smiles crossed the river and found herself in the central park of the other village. There were so many gloomy faces all around, but regardless how hard she tried to befriend any of them, it did not work. People hastily waved her away as if she was something useless and imprudent. The failure made the smile so upset, that she was about to break into tears. “Oh, no!” she tried to calm down herself. “After all, my name is Smile and I should always be cheerful and happy!” Smile was ready to depart from the ingrate village, when she noticed a lonely small figure in the far corner of the playground. The girl was firmly holding a hoop-net, her serious hazel eyes searching the bushes for butterflies. “Why not to play with her a bit?” decided Smile. But what’s this? While descending, she suddenly lost the balance and in an instant she was captured in the hoop-net! The hazel eyes curiously examined the unusual catch and the next moment brightened with awe. The girl smiled and rushed home, excitedly shouting something to her mother. Seeing her daughter smiling, her mom instantaneously smiled back. Now the smile was travelling from one face to the other. In a little while the whole village — morose and glum hitherto — transformed into a lovely and jovial place, just like its neighbour on the other side of the river. And yes, the sky also became clean and life, happier! That’s how a sweet smile of a kid saved the lives of many people from dullness and misery. So how about distributing a few smiles yourself today? i

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