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ASF official dies in accident

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KARACHI / SUKKUR: The Commanding Officer of the Airport Security Force (ASF) in Nawabshah, Tanweer Ahmed Khan, died after being hit at the Sukkur airport by the propeller of an aircraft of the PIA Training Academy on Thursday. He had traveled by the aircraft from Nawabshah.

The Civil Aviation Authority launched an investigation into the accident.

According to sources, the pilot / trainer, an under-training pilot and two ASF officials, including the deceased, were in the plane.

It was not clear why the ASF officials were traveling in a training aircraft, why its door was opened while the propellers were still rotating and what was the rush owing to which the deceased went so near the engine.

PIA spokesman Mashhood Tajwar said the pilot turned off the engine and Mr Khan got off the aircraft, but on the tarmac he was hit in the arm by the rotating propeller. He started to bleed and died before reaching a hospital.

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omer khan shaheen
Feb 22, 2013 07:55am
CAA safety regulations have evaporated in Pakistan just like PIA which is a family affair now.
Sherry Manzoor
Feb 22, 2013 06:02am
Captain Javed Safdar
Feb 22, 2013 05:52am
I fail to comprehend how the ASF official went so close to the propeller. How is it possible that he walked right into the Propeller & was hit by it. Also, why was the door of the Aircraft opened when the Propellers were still rotating. Safety demands that the door must not be opened till the Propellers have stopped rotating. Capt. Javed Safdar