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Feudal lords & their spoilt brats


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SHAHZEB’s murder is a tale of a spoilt child. Unfortunately, this boy was at the receiving end. Being a regular commuter in the vicinity of Sea View, Zamzama, and other posh areas of Karachi, I could easily see how the spoilt children of feudal lords, corrupt bureaucrats, high-ranking police officials display their fathers’ ill-gotten wealth and power in the shape of expensive cars along with guards.

They have cultivated a habit of tit-for-tat and this intoxication often resulted in murders as happened on Dec 25. Who is going to educate this new breed of spoilt brats? I have no answer.

M. IQBAL     Karachi

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Khanm Jan 22, 2013 01:30pm
The topic is taboo. dont ask....... dont tell.......
Husain Jan Jan 22, 2013 06:38am
No hope for any better thing till our politicized police force continues to hood wink, favour the influential and harass the common man.
Syed A, Zafar USA Jan 22, 2013 02:26pm
If I am not mistaken and remember it correctly, a few years ago, I heard that a teenager who was recklessly driving 7 series of BMW on the streets of posh area in Karachi, killed a pedestrian at late night. What I heard later that the spoiled kid was immediately dispatched to somewhere in Europe and the case was managed to close/taken care by the ill-gotten wealth of his father and police's as usual professional grace. Whatever this or any other true or un true stories could be, there is no doubt that such spoiled children of feudal lords are not only a safety and law and order serious concern/pain of our society but also a cause of encouraging/rising trend of crimes. These rich kids are also big market for the druggists, arms smugglers and they are also involved in robbing/looting etc. I was in Pakistan recently, I was told by several bright but poor students of public colleges that most crimes and especially drug related crimes take place in Western oriented/originated colleges in Pakistan where rich people's kids study for fun and certification only. Not only this but also these kids and their filthy rich parents set stage for the promotion of Western/punk culture and fashion in our society which results in jealousy, crimes and inferiority complex in our have nots. And of course, it provides excuses for religious extremists to successfully proceed with their agenda because they believe and plead that the religion and culture of the majority in Pakistan is in danger and nobody is their to addresses these issues, not even our judicial activists. Talking about our judiciary activism and its extra ordinary concentration on the corruption of certain leaders/parties only in my opinion, and not concentrating on the real issues and causes of corruption, is like diagnosing/treating symptom not the disease. Well charity starts from home. Our judiciary should clean its house first in order to set example for others. No wonder why CJ's own son was not tried with the same enthusiasm and speedy manner as the political case are taken and tried. I wish CJ would have set an example and asked his son how he manged to become an over night millionaire and why it is taking so long to try him honestly and independently? I believe taming and trying our elites, especially the bureaucrats because of their ill-gotten wealth, which leads their and others kids towards crime and polluting our culture is more important than trying coming and going corrupt politicians of certain parties only. Treat the disease not the symptoms, please.
Agha Ata (USA) Jan 22, 2013 01:47pm
If a feudal lord is there, his sons would be their, too. Wait until the nation finds its leader who would confiscate his land, and the spoilt brats will disappear!
Muslim Jan 22, 2013 04:51pm
Time never remains same, this is their time let them enjoy it, surely very soon they will taste the results of their deeds and won't find any place to hide. There is a creator of every thing no matter how hard we try to forget HIM, but he just and never forgets his creation. He is the final verdict.
Tanvir Jan 22, 2013 06:44pm
Well, there is an option for mob justice! Let the mob take care of the elite killers of innocents on the streets. That how Bangladesh took care of such a problem on their streets.
Insaan Jan 23, 2013 03:22am
Why Blame police when police itself is powerless infront of these sick minded influential land lords who happen to be also connected to influential politicians. Even top police officials get their position via sifarish from these land lords. This is not a new phenomena it has long existed all around Pakistan. When you have ill-gotten wealth you produce an offspring that is mentally retarded and lost in the power of money. However, the end-result of these type of people has always been bismal. There are so many examples of ill-fated ends for these type of wealthy retards, but the corrupt environment that breeds such people never allows them to learn. And, you know what - They won't even be reading this article. Right now most of them will be either busy in collecting more corrupt money or engaging in violence to demonstrate their short-lived localized power.