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Pre-poll screening of candidates

ONLY having fair elections is not fair. To qualify for stage two, a candidate needs to clear screening test or stage one. The candidate should be required to undergo a fresh medical examination, including DNA and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) tests. An STD test is index of characteristics of a man or woman.

As face is the index of mind, it also reflects the characteristics. The candidates should also be required to undergo psychological screening.

After the completion of these tests, results should be announced and those who do not qualify should not be allowed to contest elections.

I know this is a dangerous idea but I can assure that this dramatic step will be a breakthrough to strengthen democracy in Pakistan, and will also leave a good example throughout the world.

I request Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim and the Chief Justice to consider these suggestions.


Election criteria THE government is passing through tumultuous times. It is quite clear that if representatives of the people possessed some education or knowledge, they might not have been so brutal in their dealings. They would have been awarding benefits to the entire nation irrespective of their vested interests.

Only one idea comes to mind: what if the Election Commission sets a system for the representatives? What is necessary at this level is that the Election Commission examine all our would-be representatives before they get a ticket to fight in the upcoming elections.

This way we will be able to elect those who are educated and judicious. What that examination must contain is another question. The English language, Pakistan affairs, current affairs, everyday science, Islamic history and Indo-Pakistan history should be included in the course.

All representatives must possess an education of the master’s level or higher so that they have the necessary knowledge of the education system in Pakistan.

When such educated people will be elected, they will surely be able to improve the institutions of the country.

I request the Election Commission to implement this system for the building of a better Pakistan.


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Jan 16, 2013 02:24pm
@Khalid Masood, Splendid idea, these tests would also prepare the candidates to be recruited in Pakistan Air Force, if they do not win the election.
Jan 16, 2013 06:14am
Mr.Khalid Masood , your idea is well appreciated .but it will take time to implement this, till then we have to say ' who will surivive till your hair curls"
ali ahmed
Jan 16, 2013 02:19pm
when Musharraf introduced gradution condition..even the non matric became graduate