KARACHI: Mr Z.A. Bhutto, Minister for Industries and Natural Resources, declared in Karachi yesterday that the Tarbela Dam, on which hinges the well-being of millions of people, “shall be built over River Indus”.

There could be, he pointed out, no question of a vacuum in a matter which satisfied the basic urges and requirements of a people.

Mr Bhutto, who addressed a students’ gathering at a City college yesterday afternoon, was referring to Press reports that the US was backing out of its pledge about the Indus Basin project and that consequently, it was feared that Pakistan might suffer a permanent loss of water.

The Tarbela Dam, he observed, was not a question of prestige, like the “Skybolt”, but a matter of “vital importance” to the people.—Staff Correspondent

Fruit export RAWALPINDI: The Food and Agriculture Secretary, Mr M. Khurshid, today (Jan 2) announced 35 per cent bonus on export of fresh fruits.

Addressing a Press conference, he said Pakistan produced 2.4 million tons of fruits every day for which markets existed in the Persian Gulf countries, Far East and the Middle East. The Persian Gulf countries alone required about 40,000 tons of fruits every day, he said and added that the requirements of Singapore were even higher. Mr Khurshid said the Government has taken this decision to give incentive to fruit-growers to increase production as also to earn foreign exchange.—Staff Correspondent 

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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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