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Fashion feature: Year of the sparrow

As we take a glance outside the window while looking at the grand landscape of the hustling bustling city of Karachi, we almost always neglect to see what is right there in front of us: the sweet-chirping, twittering little house sparrow. A bird that is so omnipresent that we more often than not forget to notice it.

Its muted and earthy colours merge into our industrial environment, making it almost invisible. Yet if you look closely, you will find in it an understated elegance that is mesmerising. Within its stature and muted colour pallet lies a rare sophistication: tan browns and grey blacks blend into pristine whites, creating bold details and forms within a singular tone.

The Wardha Saleem label signifies giving antiquated traditions a modern twist and is known for fusing indigenous embroidery, vibrant colours and traditional printing techniques with a modern silhouette; creating ensembles that are relevant for the vivacious women of today. The designer, inspired by the colour palette, form and texture of the sparrow, uses fine chiffons, georgette and crepe-silk fabrics to create a modern silhouette for her label, Jhirki. The word (pronounced jhir-kee) is commonly used for the house sparrow in Sindhi.

Traditional block printing techniques create patterns here with indigenous embellishing through hand and machine embroidery, making it perfect for evening wear. The simple yet sophisticated collection pays homage to the understated sophistication of the domestic sparrow that adds enchanting beauty and melody to our drab lives. — A.K.

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