Have you ever heard about shark fining? The action of removing shark fins from its body is known as shark fining. It is solely carried out for human pleasure, as over the years people have started consuming more shark fin soup.

Shark fin soup is a Chinese delicacy. It is a frequently consumed cuisine and is considered as a status symbol. Due to this, the demand for shark fins has increased rapidly and, resultantly, their killings.

Although the fin itself is tasteless, different flavorings like chicken stock are added to enhance the taste of the soup.

Shark fining is a major cause of damage to the ocean environment and is leading to imbalance in the aquatic environment. The imbalance is created by the fact that sharks are apex predators and keep a check on their species. They eat out the weak and sick from their breed, ensuring relatively healthier species for their future.

However, due to increased shark fining, sharks face a threat of extinction. This is because they reach their level of maturity at a very slow pace, about 15 years. Also they give birth to only one or two pups a year.

Sharks are also hunted for making supplements/vitamins, cosmetics, steak fillets and shark souvenirs, which again keeps their numbers down.

Shark fining has become a dangerous environmental concern over the years, and poses a threat to the food chain in the ocean environment.

Updated Dec 22, 2012 02:57am

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