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Apple smartphones gaining on Samsung in US

A woman and a child walk past banners advertising Samsung and Apple's smartphones at a mobile phone shop in Seoul, South Korea. -AP Photo

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple narrowed the gap with Samsung smartphones in the precious US market in the months before the release of the hot-selling iPhone 5 model, industry tracker comScore reported on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Apple and Android-powered smartphones continued to dominate the US market, where both platforms increased shares evidently at the expense of BlackBerry handsets made by Canada-based Research In Motion.

Samsung remained the top smartphone in the United States with an unchanged 25.7 per cent of the market at the end of August while Apple's portion grew to 17.1 per cent as compared to 15 per cent in May, according to comScore.

Motorola and LG both lost just shy of a percent of market share to finish August with 11.2 per cent and 18.2 per cent of the US market respectively.

The number of smartphone owners in the United States grew six per cent to 116.5 million in the three-month period that ended with the start of September.

Google-backed Android software remained the most popular smartphone platform with its share of the market growing 1.7 per cent to 52.6 per cent.

Apple's bite grew 2.4 per cent to 34.3 per cent, according to comScore.

Apple's portion of the US market is expected to get even bigger given the record-breaking pace of sales of the latest-generation iPhone 5 model released last month.

Apple and Android gains in the quarter came at the expense of BlackBerry handsets made by Canada-based Research In Motion and smartphones powered by Microsoft or Symbian software, according to comScore figures.

RIM's share of the US market slid 3.1 per cent to 8.3 percent while Microsoft and Symbian shed .4 per cent each to drop to 3.6 and .7 per cent respectively.

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