A ludicrous suggestion

WITH the Organisation of the Islamic Conference already there, the call for a ‘Muslim United Nations’ makes no sense. On Wednesday, a resolution passed by a gathering of religious parties in Islamabad asked the rulers of the Islamic world to set up a Muslim UN and establish a unified economic and defence system. The meeting was called by Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, whose activities remain on the government’s watch list. Invitations were extended to virtually all political parties, most of which apparently thought it better to distance themselves from the controversial outfit and thus did not participate. On the other hand, the meeting brought together some of the country’s leading religious figures — including those who, unlike the JuD leader, do believe in electoral politics — to draw up a strategy for a unified Muslim response to an anti-Islam film that has caused fury in many Muslim countries.

Given the objectionable contents of the film, few would dispute the aim of the meeting. Yet, a unified Muslim response demands more than emotion-charged public rallies that degenerate into violence. It requires realism, wisdom and a strategy that does not turn out to be counterproductive. We know, for instance, that the OIC is a lame-duck organisation and little better than a debating forum. Its record even in economic and cultural cooperation among member states is disappointing. To speak of a unified defence and economic command is, thus, to invite ridicule. If the Islamic world is to meet the challenges it faces, Muslim leaders must first think of organising their societies on democratic and scientific lines. Empty rhetoric and emotionalism have done more harm than good to causes espoused by Muslims. Meanwhile, it is a matter of regret that Wednesday’s meeting failed to condemn last Friday’s hooliganism on what was meant to be a solemn day.

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Sep 29, 2012 06:53am
Muslim UN? wow a good one
Sep 28, 2012 04:05pm
Leaders will need to decide which countries would be allowed membership of the "Muslim UN". Would Iran and Syria be allowed membership? Would Palestine be a member? India is the country with largest Muslim population, would India be allowed membership?
Sep 28, 2012 12:14pm
You brought it unto yourself.
Sep 28, 2012 08:17am
Coming from a Hindu...nice!!!
Siddique Malik
Sep 28, 2012 04:46pm
Do you mean that the behavior of ignorant and backward among Muslims is not "tiring" but speaking against it is? Siddique Malik, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
Iftikhar Husain
Sep 28, 2012 11:32am
It does not seem to happen in the near future of may never happen the reason can be seen in every Muslim country all Muslims are fighting each other.
Sep 28, 2012 03:58pm
Is it anymore ludicrous than thinking that 3/4 of the World population is going to censor what they read/write/say and watch just because you get offended by the occasional cartoon or movie?
Sep 28, 2012 02:42pm
Education, Money and natural resources count. Bomb and population do not matter in taking the lead. That' why the US is leading the UN.
Sep 28, 2012 09:51am
why not a Muslim UN? This UN is doing nothing about Palestine... it does nothing to stop Israel.. it does nothing to stop wars on Iraq and Afghanistan... if only Muslim countries are losers, why not their own UN?
Sep 28, 2012 09:51am
That can be the first assignment of Muslim UN
jay komerath
Sep 28, 2012 01:39pm
your views are correct-the Key word is "Democratic and Educational lines"This is what the coutry needs,not hard line islamism or a blanket "islam is the answer" Well done
Sep 28, 2012 03:34pm
Boy of Boy!!!!!! You guys are killing one another other, burning each other's holy places, etc. and now you want to have a United Nations of Muslims. First of all, get yourselves organised and UNITED and then proceed in forming a Muslim United Nation.
Sep 28, 2012 02:47pm
A Muslim UN will be no different than the IOC. The editor has a point on how to proceed in achieving such an objective, either at IOC or for a Muslim UN.
B R Pradhan
Sep 28, 2012 07:16am
Very well said DAWN. Kudos to the Editor. The concept of ?Muslim United Nations? is not only impractical & ludicrous; it is anti-people from the future developmental perspective. Is there any benefit to consider Muslims as different from the world at large? This is the time to bridge the widening gap between Islam & ?others? and mainstream rather than isolate the idea of Muslim brotherhood. All efforts should be made for a democratic & secular world, not a religious one. Already we are in neck-deep trouble with poverty & health-related issues of gargantuan proportions, which will take decades to solve. Any religion-based prioritization should be the last on our agenda. Civil society in Pakistan, a la DAWN editorial, should condemn such parochial ideas & raise voices for a secular democratic polity, world over.
Sep 28, 2012 07:11am
pakistan should take leadership and form an Islamic United nation. We are the only muslim Nuclear Nation and obviously the muslim world is looking up to us. We should be proud of our arab blood in our veins.
Mateen Asif
Sep 28, 2012 06:25am
The idea is not bad, but i agree to this point "Muslim leaders must first think of organising their societies on democratic and scientific lines"
Akil Akhtar
Sep 28, 2012 04:45am
criticism of eveything to do with muslims is just becoming tiring......
Sep 29, 2012 03:59am
Agree. But miore fundamentally, each sovereign country's citizens freedoms are determined by that country and no one else. It is amazing how people are conflating the various countries and their respective freedoms into a "universal" freedom of speech. No such thing. I doubt most countries where violence broke even guarantee freedom of speech and thought.
Sep 29, 2012 04:01am
OIC is a bad idea and is tantamount to promoting "groupthink"
Sep 29, 2012 04:05am
OIC persists in the 1400 year history of dividing the world into "Us" and "Them" - time to abandon this policy if you want to enter this infinitely diverse modern world.
ZA Rind
Sep 29, 2012 04:09am
the first and foremost need for Muslim world is to unite under a single plate and for that sake they need a pious and bold leader, so as these blasphemous activities must be faced sensibly without any violence................
Sep 29, 2012 04:11am
Without the leadership of the US after WWII, none of the institutions we consider part of our world - like UN - would have been possible. The "freedoms" that we take for granted - including that of speech - were developed in the West - Greece democracy, Magna Charta, and the US Decllaration of Independence and the US Constitution among other works.
Sep 29, 2012 04:14am
Abhi bhi waqt hai, sudhar jaao....