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Mediocre card at KRC today

KARACHI, Sept 1: A mediocre card of six races has been drawn for the Gymkhana race meeting which takes place at the Karachi Racecourse here on Sunday.

The first event gets into action at 1:30pm. Following is the field and our selections:

THE STAR PLATE CLASS VII DIV II 5 F: Poonam 9-0, Gold Finger 8-6, Reach The Heights 8-2, Sher Dil 7-13, Stall Wart Fighter 7-12, Cherokees Dream 7-10. Win: Poonam. Place: Sher Dil.

THE STAR PLATE CLASS VII DIV I 5 F: Mr Khan 10-5, Skyz The Limit 8-13, Bacradi 8-6, Dream Girl 8-5, Lolly For Dolly 8-4, Salman Gold 8-3, Jungle De Malka 7-10. Win: Bacradi. Place: Mr Khan.

THE STAR PLATE CLASS VII DIV III 5 F: Golden Touch 9-4, Koo Koo Love 8-11, Sugar Baby 8-9, World Class 8-9, Delightful Diva 8-2, Punter’s Dream 8-2, Star King 8-2, Eager Saint 8-1. Win: Delightful Diva. Place: Golden Touch and World Class.

THE EID STAR PLATE CLASS VII DIV IV 5 F: Win Money 9-0, Haseen Tareen 8-12, Liver Pool 8-11, Boss 8-8, Concept 8-7, Green Nip 8-4, Star Of Queen 8-2, Big Joy 8-1, Punchi 8-0, Topee 7-12. Win: Boss. Place: Green Nip and Haseen Tareen.

THE STAR PLATE CLASS VII DIV V 5 F: Easy Match 9-0, Karigar 8-13, Touching Wood 8-12, Hot Black 8-10, Days Inn 8-8, Salome Baby 8-8, Star Watch 8-6, Khamosh 8-4, La Maafi 8-0, Shahzadi 7-13. Win: La Maafi. Place: Khamosh and Days Inn.

THE STAR PLATE FOR UNKNOWN HORSES 4½ F: Guru Manter 9-0, Star of King 9-0, Hit The Target 8-3, See Me World 8-3, Jal Pari 8-3, Front Line 8-0, Sugar Free 8-0. Win: Guru Manter. Place: Hit The Target.

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