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Make Pakistan hub of peace, PM urges nation

ISLAMABAD, Aug 19: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has called upon the nation to vow to make Pakistan a hub of peace and harmony by putting all its efforts towards national progress and prosperity.

In his Eid message on the eve of the festival on Sunday, he said: “Eidul Fitr is an expression of the inspirational values of Islam, which foster piety, sacrifice, brotherhood and empathy among the Muslims. On this day, the Muslims reiterate their pledge to strengthen their relationship of brotherhood, love and tolerance by setting aside their internal differences.”

He said Eid taught “us to remember the less privileged, destitute and poor segments of society and share our joys with them. Eidul Fitr is also an occasion for reiteration of the glorious lessons of Ramazan for the rest of the year”.

“It is a day of peace and harmony. Let us dedicate ourselves to spend our energies and resources for the welfare of the humanity in accordance with Islamic teachings. Let us also resolve to refrain from all anti-social activities such as sectarianism and extremism. Let us vow to make Pakistan a hub of peace and harmony by putting all our efforts towards national progress and prosperity.”

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