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Pakistan, India discuss modalities to strengthen trade

Pakistani trucks loaded with gypsum wait for signal from Indian customs before crossing into India at the recently inaugurated Integrated Check Post, a customs depot, at Attari near Amritsar, India. – AP Photo.
Pakistani trucks loaded with gypsum wait for signal from Indian customs before crossing into India at the recently inaugurated Integrated Check Post, a customs depot, at Attari near Amritsar, India. – AP Photo.

ISLAMABAD: The meeting of Pakistan-India Joint Working Group on Cross-LoC CBMs (Confidence Building Measures) on Thursday discussed modalities for strengthening and streamlining the existing trade and travel arrangements across the Line of Control.

Pakistan delegation was headed by Zehra Akbari, Director General (South Asia) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the Indian side was led by Y.K. Sinha, Joint Secretary (PAI) Ministry of External Affairs, at the Foreign Office here.

The meeting reviewed the progress of the last meeting of Joint Working Group on Cross-LoC CBMs.

The meeting was held in a cordial and constructive atmosphere, a Foreign Office statement said.

“They also discussed modalities for introducing additional Cross-LoC CBMs,” it said.

The meeting was held in pursuance of the decision taken at the foreign secretary level talks held on July 4-5.

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Jul 19, 2012 02:36pm
Trade with India is a waste of time-Kashmir needs to be resolved first. Pakistan should not allow Indian goods across pakistan land route to Afghanistan. India needs to show sincereity in resolving Kashmir and stop being water thieves.
Jul 19, 2012 04:51pm
aur river kya utakar pakistan ko de den..........lol
Jul 20, 2012 03:22am
A reply to Zoxo 100 below.. Ever tried to figure out who is the actual enemy of Pakistan? it's people like you. Forget India, trade with any country is aimed at improving economic health of a country. Well, Kashmir can never be yours while the misery can, if are in search of your useless fancies.
Jul 20, 2012 04:01am
Throwing names around like "water thief" does not make it fact - listen to your own media intellectuals like Najam Sethi say that India has not broken any of the water treaties or reducing water outflow to Pakistan, just that there is potential. Even during wars, India has not sabotaged water as a deterrent, but suspicious and brainwashed minds will always consider the worst conspiracy theories. Indian Kashmir is already in the process of being resolved from Indian point of view. Punishments for military excesses however gradual, giving special democratic status to Kashmir, abundant funding, booming tourism are the realities today. India has to accept that it can never win the hearts of the Kashmiris after so many HR violations for controlling militancy. So holding Kashmir as the key to trade and dialogue is only detrimental to the smaller nation. Looks like even the establishment has blessed the trade with India policy, else we would have seen some disturbance or the other till now.
Jul 20, 2012 04:07am
If there is no official trade between Pakistan and India, the sole looser will be Pakistan. Inexpensive raw materials, food grains, finished engineering products which you could buy from India, you are forced to buy at a much higher price from other countries. Some times, these are smuggled into Pakistan, resulting in loosing of customs revenues to your country. Whereas, buying Indian goods through circuitous lengthy route of Dubai/Singapore results in paying much higher price for you. Pakistan will be a looser in another way too - it will loose access to one of the biggest and booming BRICS emerging economy market for your goods. Sino-Indian trade relations do not remain hostage to solving the border dispute. The Chinese don't say, resolve Arunachal Pradesh dispute first, then trade with us. The annual bilateral rade between the two countries is expected to reach $ 100 billion by end of next year. This is a Win Win situation for both countries. By denying transit trade between Afghanistan and India, again the bigger looser is Pakistan. This is because you loose transit fees, logistics spin-offs opportunities and related employment opportunities. Pakistan has behaved in a negative manner for the bilateral trade, during the last 65 years, was this approach able to solve Kashmir? What is the guarantee that this negative approach will help resolve the dispute in the next 1000 years?
Jul 20, 2012 09:13am
Well, I don't think people like zoxo100 are able to comprehend what you said above. They are totally pre-occupied with kashmir struggle ignoring millions of the others who are living in most dangerous conditions int he country. Its hard for them to even think how the countries are operating in today's world and forget about the economic growth.